What is Dssc in Nigerian Army?

How long is Army Dssc training?

The DSSC is a 9 month intensive military training for professionals drawn from various disciplines to serve as officers in the non combat services of the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

What is the different between DSSC and SSC?

The Nigerian Army DSSC simply means direct short service commission. … The Nigerian Army SSC means short service combatant commission. it’s a short time training also given to graduates from different universities and polytechnics that qualifies and want to join the Nigerian Army.

What is the meaning of DSSC in Nigerian Army?

This portal provides for both Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Combatant (SSC).

What are the requirements for Dssc?

Possess at least a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND of not less than Lower Credit from any accredited institution of learning. Possess a valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or Local Government Council or valid age declaration.

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How much do Nigerian Army earn per month?

However, the Nigerian army is paid according to their ranks in the military. For instance, a Sergeant earns N68,000 a month while major earns N300,000 every month. You might be thinking that they earn more than this every month base on the belief of many people.

How many months does Nigeria Army training last?

For SSC cadets, the training is for 9 months, while it lasts 6 months for DSSC cadets.

What is the lowest rank in Nigeria Army?

Fact: There are seventeen ranks within the Nigerian Army, only sixteen have been so far attained since the birthing of the force, in 1960. Although Lance corporal is the lowest rank in the Nigerian Army, a soldier of this rank, ranks higher than a private (Privates are the newly recruited soldiers).

Which rank is given after NDA in Nigeria?

You are given a rank of cadet when you qualify for NDA… where you are trained for 3 years followed by 1 year of training at INA , IMA, AFA for Navy, Army, Air Force respectively. After passing out of respective academy you get the rank of Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Flying Officer in your respective services.

Which force is the highest paid force in Nigeria?

Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

The Nigerian Air Force is the highest paid force in Nigeria among other armed forces in the country.

What is Nigerian Army salary?

Sergeant – N63,000; Corporal – N58,000; Lance Corporal earns about N54,000-55,000; Private Soldier earns about N48,000-49,000.

How can a Nigerian army graduate?

Requirements To Join The Nigerian Army As A Graduate

  1. #1. You must be a Nigerian. …
  2. #2. You must be within the applicable age limit. …
  3. #3. You must be physically fit. …
  4. #4. You must reach the height requirements. …
  5. #5. You must have a crime free record. …
  6. #6. Attend screening exercises. …
  7. #7. Write your entrance exams.
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How can I apply for Nigerian army recruitment 2020 2021?

How to Apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment Form

  1. Make sure you are currently on the official recruitment portal.
  2. Create a user account to enable you to log in. Your username must be a functional email.
  3. Complete the application form, submit it online and print a copy.


What is Dssc all about?

Nigerian Army DSSC & SSC

Direct Short Service Commission and Short Service Commission are Nigerian army recruitment exercises targeted at recruiting young and eligible Nigeria graduates into the Nigerian army.

How long is short service commission?

The demand for use of military ranks by Short Service Commission (SSC) officers after release from service has been pending since 1983. The SSC officers form the backbone of the support cadre of the Army. They serve for a period of 10-14 years to make up the deficiency of young officers in units.

Is Army Dssc form out?

Army dssc form is online now. Note: You must adhear to the age, height, and physical fitness requirements for this Nigerian Army Dssc Recruitment 2021 form.

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