What is chalk in Yoruba?

What is chalk called in Yoruba?

chalk. More Yoruba words for chalk. ẹfun noun. chalk.

What does MA mean in Yoruba?

English to Yoruba Meaning :: ma

Noun(1) one’s mother.

What does Yoruba mean in English?

Yoruba(noun) a member of a West African people living chiefly in southwestern Nigeria.

What is the Yoruba name for walnut?

In Nigeria, among the Yoruba tribe, the walnut is known as awusa or asala, ukpa , or oke okpokirinya in Igbo and gawudi bairi in Hausa; and it is known as okhue or okwe among the Bini tribe of Edo State (Chijoke, Anosike & Ani 2015; Kanu et al. 2015).

What is the use of native chalk?

Uses. The practice of eating calabash chalk is observed by both sexes and different age groups of people of African descent, for the purpose of pleasure. However, it is prevalent among women, predominantly during pregnancy, who claim it prevents vomiting, over-salivation and nausea.

What does Jare mean in Yoruba?

‘Jare’, pronounced ‘ jah-reh ‘ has its roots in the Yoruba language in Nigeria. It means innocent, justified, blameless.

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What is poo in Yoruba?

Yoruba Translation. igbẹ

What does MA mean in Nigerian?

Oga/Ma – sir/madam; Oga is Yoruba for chief or big boss. Oftentimes Madam is shortened to “Ma” and I’m still not used to having Nigerians older than me saying, “yes, Ma,”

What are the Yoruba famous for?

The Yoruba have traditionally been among the most skilled and productive craftsmen of Africa. They worked at such trades as blacksmithing, weaving, leatherworking, glassmaking, and ivory and wood carving.

What does FEM mean in Yoruba?

September 28, 2020 · ‘Fem’ is a popular slang in Nigeria, which simply means ‘shut up’. Derived from the Yoruba Language, fem is popularly used as slang in Nigerian homes and schools to caution a child and tell them to shut up.

What does Ayami mean in Yoruba?

Ayami translates to “” in English. It is common with the tribe in Nigeria and primarily used by Females.

What is English name of Awusa?

The African walnut, locally called (Asala or Awusa in Yoruba; Ukpa in Igbo; and Okhue or Okwe in Edo) belongs to the botanical family Euphorbiaceae and is a highly versatile nut. Asides from its medicine and health uses, it serves a number of other uses such as furniture and dye making.

What is walnut called in Nigeria?

Often served as a snack, in Nigeria, walnuts are called Okwe, Ukpa or Asala. In Nigeria, walnuts are mainly cultivated by small-scale farmers in hot and humid regions in the South West. Walnut is mainly found in compound gardens or backyards for family consumption or to sell in the local market.

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What is English name of Asala?

African Walnut is an edible single seeded stone fruit and its plant is mostly cultivated for its nuts which can be cooked or consumed as snacks. In the western part of Nigeria the African Walnuts is known as ausa or asala while in the southern part it’s called ukpa.

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