What is CFA Nigeria?

CFA Society Nigeria is one of the member societies of CFA Institute. Our mission is to promote the highest standards of investment practice in Nigeria and provide a vibrant community for the interaction and professional development of our members.

How do I become a CFA in Nigeria?

The basic entrance requirements for the CFA® Program include:

  1. You need to have a B.Sc (or equivalent) degree. or be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration. …
  2. Have a valid international travel passport (required for exam registration and admission to the test center).

How many CFA are in Nigeria?

Nigeria has about 250 CFA charterholders.

How much does CFA cost in Nigeria?

In total, the cost of enrolling and registering for the CFA Level 1 is about N500, 000.

Is CFA Recognised in Nigeria?

The CFA exam cannot be written in Nigeria, the closest place to write this exam is in Ghana. Other countries where you can take the exam includes; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Tunisia, USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates etc.

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Is CFA better than MBA?

It’s intensely-focused on one thing: making you an investment expert. You will come out of the CFA Program with a specialized skill set for asset management. The MBA, on the other hand, is a broader approach. While the CFA Program is intensely focused, the MBA program is better defined as a mile wide and a foot deep.

What is the salary of a CFA?

A CFA charter with about 15+ years in the industry typically makes a minimum of INR 50,00,000 annually in India.

CFA Salary in India.

Level of CFA Cleared Average Annual Salary (INR)
Level 1 3 to 4.5 Lakh
Level 2 6 Lakh
Level 3 Above 10 Lakh

What is the best investment in Nigeria?

List of Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

  • Investing in FGN Savings Bonds. …
  • Mini Importation Business. …
  • Invest in Gold. …
  • Invest in stocks. …
  • Treasury Bills. …
  • Buy Properties, Invest in Real Estates. …
  • Investing in Agriculture. …
  • Uber/Taxify Business.


How do I pay for CFA in Nigeria?

Payments due to CFA Society Nigeria can be made through a cheque issued in favour of “CFA Society Nigeria” or via a bank transfer to any of the society’s bank accounts. Please contact the society office for bank account details. All membership dues are subject to periodic review by the board.

What does CFA stand for?

A chartered financial analyst (CFA) is a globally-recognized professional designation given by the CFA Institute, (formerly the AIMR (Association for Investment Management and Research)), that measures and certifies the competence and integrity of financial analysts.

How much is CFA Exam fees?

CFA exams fees consists of: a one-off enrollment fee of US$450​ (paid once the first time you register for Level 1), plus.

1) CFA enrollment and registration fees for Level 1, 2 & 3 – [REQUIRED]

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Fee Type (for all Levels) CFA Exam Cost ​(US$)
Early Registration $700

How much does a level cost in Nigeria?

Info: You are required to pay a sum of ₦20,000 (NGN) for Cambridge A Levels entrance exam.

Where can I write CFA exam?

We host exams at CFA Institute testing centers located in most major cities around the world.

Is ACCA better than CFA?

However, ACCA is a broad-based accounting certification and a better fit for students or professionals looking to advance their prospects as accounting or auditing professionals. … However, CFA is more suited for experienced finance professionals looking to specialize in a certain area.

What is on the CFA Level 1 exam?

The CFA Level 1 Exam tests knowledge in 10 different sections, including ethical and professional standards, quantitative methods, and economics.

When can I write CFA?

The eligibility of CFA programme is as follows: Candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline. A candidate is in the final year of Bachelor’s programme at the time of registration can also apply for CFA programme. Applicants need to have at least four years of work experience.

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