What is Cerpac Nigeria?

CERPAC IS THE ACRONYM FOR. COMBINED EXPATRIATE RESIDENCE. PERMIT AND ALIENS CARD. The CERPAC GREEN CARD is a bonafide document. that allows a non-Nigerian to reside in Nigeria and.

What is the meaning of Cerpac?


What is a Cerpac card?

CERPAC is the acronym for Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card. It permits a foreigner to live and work legally in Nigeria and subject to renewal. … The Nigeria Immigration Service in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior is the Agency responsible for issuing CERPAC to foreigners.

How can I get residence permit in Nigeria?


  1. Application for renewal of Residence Permits by employer accepting Immigration Responsibilities.
  2. Copy of the valid Quota Approval.
  3. Photocopy of Passport Bio-Data page of the applicant.
  4. Expatriate’s current CERPAC.
  5. Purchase of CERPAC form (bank teller)
  6. Two (2) recent Passport photographs of the applicant.
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What is residence permit in Nigeria?

Foreign nationals who are married to Nigerians can obtain residence permits. These permits will serve as multiple re-entry permits, notwithstanding the class of visa such a foreigner holds. The Regulations states that Visas on Arrival can now be issued to any person, after approval of the Comptroller General.

How much is a green card in Nigeria?

Assuming you’ve paid the $165 green card production fee, the green card arrives in the mail several weeks later.

How long can I stay in Nigeria on a tourist visa?

The Nigeria tourist visa is usually issued for entry within three/twelve months of the issue date provided the passport remains valid, for stay of 7 to 90 days, as granted by the Consulate. The visit must be completed prior to the expiry date of the visa.

How can I get Cerpac in Nigeria?


International passport with STR visa endorsement. A duly completed CERPAC statutory form. An STR package containing STR documentation received from the Nigerian embassy/consulate. Company’s board of directors’ resolution confirming appointment as director (where applicable)

How much is Nigeria international passport?

Categories of the Enhanced E-Passport

NAIRA (N) (local)
1. 32 Page 5-year Standard Passport 25,000.00
2. 64 Page 5-year Standard Passport 35,000.00
3. 64 Page 10-year Standard Passport for adults only (18 years and above) 70,000.00

How many types of passport does Nigeria have?

There are 5 different passport types. Standard, Diplomatic, Official, Seamans, Pilgrims. Diplomatic – This passport type is for protocol officers in government and Government ambassadors.

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Which country is the easiest to migrate to from Nigeria?

Top Countries to Migrate from Nigeria in 2020

  • Finland. If all you need is a country that will offer you a relatively high standard of living and peace, then, look to Finland. …
  • The United Arab Emirates. This comes as a surprise, right? …
  • New Zealand. …
  • Sweden. …
  • Germany. …
  • Canada.

How much is residence permit in Nigeria?

Nigeria has doubled the government fee for the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC) from US$1,000 to $2,000 per year.

How do I permanently leave Nigeria?

To just Relocate/Japa

  1. You can leave Nigeria by applying to become a permanent resident of a country if your qualifications and experience meet the labour demands of that country. …
  2. File for residency by getting engaged and planning to marry, or better still, already married to a citizen of another country.


Can I get a Nigerian passport if I am married to a Nigerian?


A person may become a Nigerian citizen by Registration, one of the instances under this form of citizenship is where a woman is married to a citizen of Nigeria. … he is a person of good character; he has shown a clear intention of his desire to be domiciled in Nigeria; and.

How much does it cost to travel to Norway from Nigeria?

Flights from Nigeria to Norway from USD 1,009*

How do I check if I have a residence permit?

The authenticity of the document can be confirmed by feeling the back of the card or shining a light across it. Any employer or sponsor seeking further confirmation that a biometric residence permit is authentic can use GOV. UK’s online BRP checking service.

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