What is boy in Igbo language?

English to Igbo Meaning :: boy. Boy : nwa na-enweghị

What is Big Boy in Igbo?

(4) big boy :: nnukwu nwa.

How do you say handsome boy in Igbo?

Related Words

  1. (1) handsome man :: nwoke.
  2. (2) very handsome :: mara mma.
  3. (3) handsome boy :: mma nwata.
  4. (4) more handsome :: ihe mara mma.
  5. (5) pretty handsome :: mara mma.
  6. (6) handsome prince :: mma isi.
  7. (7) handsome young man :: nwa okorobịa mara mma.

What do they call first son in Igbo?

Igbo names for boys and their meaning. Diokpa: first son.

What is the meaning of the name Zinachi?

According to 2 people from Nigeria and Tanzania, United Republic of, the name Zinachi means “gift of God”. A submission from Nigeria says the name Zinachi means “Gods gift”.

What is the meaning of Omalicha?

The name OMALICHA is an igbo word, which means BEAUTY.

What are the best Igbo names?

Popular Igbo names and their meaning

  • Somadina – May I not be alone.
  • Chikamso – I am following God.
  • Chibuzo – God is the way.
  • Uzodimma – The road is good.
  • Uzoma – Good.
  • Ogugua – Consolation.
  • Okenna – Father’s share.
  • Nwachukwu – God’s child.
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How do Igbo names work?

Igbo names are traditionally and historically constructed. In this convention there are no family names, instead one is known through their immediate male lineage. In the olden days, Igbos – men and women – were named after the four market days (eke, orie, afor, and nkwo) in Igboland.

What are the names of God in Igbo?

58 Powerful Names Of God In Igbo Language And Their Meanings

  • Chukwu. The first force and being that proceeds every other existing force.
  • Odogwu Akataka. Fearless warrior.
  • Eze Ndi Eze. King of kings.
  • Echeta Scherzo. He that takes away every pains and worry. …
  • Ejide Obi Esike. My confidence.
  • Obata Obie. He that ends every trouble.
  • Di Nwanyi Isi Mpe. Husband of the widow.
  • Ikuku Amanoyo.


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