What is bad Chad net worth?

Net Worth: $20 Million. His net worth is estimated to have $90 Million as of 2019. He’s from Nova Scotia, Canada.

What is Chad Hiltz net worth?

As a car modifier and designer, Chad Hiltz has a net worth of $2 million. With his popularity and business on the rise, it is only a matter of time before he expands his wealth. If you are curious as to how Chad Hiltz earns money, then the answer is car customization.

Who Is Bad Chad’s wife?

Jolene on ‘Bad Chad Customs’ Is One Badass Businesswoman. The second season of Discovery Channel’s Bad Chad Customs is now in full swing, and viewers are becoming more invested in the lives of master builder Chad Hiltz and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Jolene MacIntyre.

Is Bad Chad Hiltz married?

Chad Hiltz is a married person but he is recently engaged to his fiancee, Jolene Maclntyre on 13th August 2017 who is going to be his wife very soon. … He is quite a secretive person; he doesn’t speak much about his past married life and ex-wives. He is already a father of three children: two daughters and one son.

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How old is Chad’s wife?

How old is Chad Hiltz’s fiancee? was born in 1989 from Centreville, Nova Scotia and she is 30 years old as of 2019.

Jolene Macintyre Age.

Jolene Macintyre Wikipedia
Full Name Jolene Macintyre
Ken Todd Age 30 years as of 2019
Education Details
College Saint Mary’s University

Is Bad Chad ill?

Chad Hiltz is not sick, as per our knowledge. We don’t know why people would think that as he is very active in social media pages where he shows off his work to his fans.

Where did bad Chad get all his money?

Hiltz makes his fortune out of it. Hiltz’s business was picked up by Discovery Channel for a series. Hiltz also earns from his contract with the channel.

Who is the blonde on Bad Chad customs?

Who is Jolene MacIntyre? Jolene MacIntyre is the founder of Hiltz Auto Company, which she runs with her fiancé Chad Hiltz.

What is bad Chad’s real name?

Chad Hiltz is the real star of the show and he goes by the title “Bad Chad,” hence, the name of the television show.

What happened to Aaron Rand?

LEWISTON: Aaron David Rand 51 years old of Auburn, ME passed away unexpectedly due to injuries sustained in an accident on March 5, 2021 at Central Maine Medical Center.

Is Aaron on Bad Chad sick?

Is he sick? Fans of the show who’ve seen Aaron on the program are worried about his physical appearance and believe that the reality TV personality and builder could be ill. However, there’s nothing to suggest that Aaron is sick or suffering from any illnesses, including the dreaded COVID-19.

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What nationality is bad Chad?

Chad Hiltz aka “Bad Chad” was born on August 31, 1971, in Kingsport, Nova Scotia.

Chad Hiltz Wife & Children.

Full Name Chad Hiltz
Born Kingsport, Nova Scotia
Nationality Australian
Religion Jewish

Who Is Bad Chad’s son?

Colton is Chad’s son and the shop apprentice. He grew up with his mom in a different town and had little experience working on cars before he started in the garage.

Who Are Bad Chad’s kids?

Chad Hiltz Wiki: Gear Up for the Genius behind “Bad Chad Customs” on Discovery Channel

About Chad Hiltz
Age 49 Years
Birth August 31, 1971 Kingsport, Nova Scotia
Gender Male
Children Harlee, Colton
Across the Sahara