What is almond oil called in Yoruba?

What is Almond called in Yoruba?

Well, the Yoruba Name For Almonds is simply Ofio.

What is the local name for Almond in Nigeria?

So what is the real name for this fruit called “fruit” in Nigeria? The real name for the fruit is actually “tropical almond” (Terminalia catappa). Of course, nobody calls it that in Nigeria, or ever will. Tropical almond grows in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, as well as in Asia and some parts of Australia.

What is the native name for Almond?

Almond, (Prunus dulcis), tree native to southwestern Asia and its edible seed.

What is Iyere called in English?

Piper guineense known as iyere in Yoruba and uziza in Igbo is in the family Piperaceae. The fruit of this plant is an invaluable spice known as Ashanti pepper, Benin pepper West African pepper or even black pepper. Piper nigrum is also called black pepper; they should be regarded as synonyms for iyere.

What is turmeric called in Yoruba?

The Yoruba people call Turmeric Ata ile pupa. Cultivation of this plant is quite common in the tropics. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family.

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What is fenugreek called in Yoruba?

Fenugreek is often called “eru” in Yoruba Language and “kimba” in Hausa Language.

What fruit is native to Nigeria?

African Star Apple is one of the native fruits which are indigenous to tropical African countries like Nigeria and contains lots of nutrients that are numerous and beneficial to health.

What is Pomegranate called in Nigeria?

The Yoruba name for pomegranate is Eso Bonni.

Is almond and Badam same?

The Indian almond tree (Terminalia catappa) is not very similar to the more widely known Badam (Indian word for almond) tree. In fact, they are not even in the same family. However, its seed tastes quite like that of the Badam tree, hence the name. … Vincentians tend to call it the Wild Almond.

Which Badam is best?

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How many almonds should I eat per day?

Compared to all other nuts, almonds are the most packed with nutrients and beneficial components. Now all you need to do is to at about 8-10 almonds a day.

What is cinnamon called in Nigeria?

Cinnamon is called Oloorun in Yoruba. It is a beneficial spice that has great medicinal effects.

What is black pepper called in Nigeria?

it is also known as West African Black pepper, Benin pepper, Uziza seeds, Ashanti pepper, false cubeb, and Masoro. Unlike Piper nigrum, Piper guineense is native to central and west Africa. You would find Uziza seeds readily in the markets in Nigeria particularly in the South.

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What is quinoa called in Nigeria?

It is called “Fonio” in West African Countries and “Hungary Rice” in English. Acha can be prepared like couscous or made into a porridge. I believe Acha is our equivalent of Quinoa because they have the same properties.

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