What do you need to start a business in Mauritius?

How can I start my own business in Mauritius?

Application for incorporation. Register a business / Incorporate a company: Step 1: Register with the MNS online to obtain a username and password. Step 2: Register the business and incorporate your company by filling in the relevant application form and by uploading required documents.

Can a foreigner start a business in Mauritius?

Starting your business

A company incorporated in Mauritius can be 100% owned by foreigners without minimum capital. However, an individual wishing to start a business as a self-employed will have to register only his business activity. For additional information, visit the website of the Financial Services Commission.

Is it easy to start a business in Mauritius?

Setting up business in Mauritius is quite easy. Foreign entrepreneurs can setup their companies in Mauritius within 3 working days and enjoy up to 100 percent foreign ownership. Also, no minimum foreign-capital to setup a company and start operations in Mauritius is required.

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How much does it cost to register a company in Mauritius?


Different Mauritius entity types Cost Draft invoice
Authorized company US$11,150 View invoice PDF
Branch US$10,485 View invoice PDF
Local LLC US$13,015 View invoice PDF
LLC with nominee director US$16,265 View invoice PDF

Is Mauritius good for business?

Mauritius is recognized as being an excellent place for doing business. … Ranked 1st in the 2014 Ibrahim Index of African Governance and 1st in Sub-Saharan Africa and 28th globally in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2015, Mauritius is the springboard for investment and doing business in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Why do companies register in Mauritius?

Mauritius company formation permits 100% foreign ownership meaning no local nominee is required. Only one Director and one Shareholder required. Legal tax exemption for GBC2 Companies but no access to the Mauritian Double Taxation Treaty allowed. No accounting or reporting requirements which minimize maintenance costs.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Mauritius?

In line with new government measures introduced, the minimum investment required to acquire an occupation permit (OP) as an investor, and live in Mauritius as a non-citizen, has been halved to $50,000 (R867,000), from $100,000 (R1. 7 million).

Which jobs are in high demand in Mauritius?

Top jobs on the market

  • Web developer.
  • E-Reputation Specialist/ Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Talent Acquisition Management.
  • Food and Beverages Management.
  • Project management/ Complexe management / Facilitaty management.
  • SEM Specialist.
  • Community Manager.

What is a good salary in Mauritius?

A person working in Mauritius typically earns around 46,400 MUR per month. Salaries range from 11,700 MUR (lowest average) to 207,000 MUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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What is the best business to start in Mauritius?

Which Business is Most profitable in Mauritius?

  • Internet Cafe and Internet Service Provider. Nowadays, the internet becomes one of the integral parts of our life and people browse the internet for education, entertainment, and business. …
  • Oil and Lubrication Business. …
  • Food Cart and Restaurant Business. …
  • Educational Coaching and Tutoring. …
  • Farming Business.


Can an Indian start a business in Mauritius?

Any business would require an office or even a factory where products would be manufactured. The use of such land and buildings require a special form of permit from the Mauritius government. Obtain the permit from the Planning Department of Municipality or even from the District Council.

How can I invest in Mauritius?

A foreign national or a Mauritian citizen can buy a house, villa or apartment in Mauritius and can invest safely while enjoying tax benefits through these five types of investment schemes which are the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the G + 2 and the …

Which business is most profitable in Mauritius?

Internet trade is one of the most profitable businesses in Mauritius and all over the world.

Where can I register a company in Mauritius?

Incorporation of companies can either be effected online or by submitting the required documents at the office of the Registrar of Companies. Any person who wishes to incorporate a company in Mauritius and Rodrigues should ensure that the name is available prior to incorporation.

How many companies are there in Mauritius?

Listed domestic companies, total in Mauritius was reported at 95 in 2019, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

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