What do they drink in Uganda?

Bell lager and Nile lager are popular Ugandan beers, but each region has their own local beer. Pombe and lubisi are generic words for locally brewed fermented beer made from banana or millet. Uganda waragi can mean Ugandan gin, but it is also a generic term for domestic distilled beverages.

Waragi is Uganda’s favorite drink in one version r another.

What is the national drink of Uganda?

Waragi is known as a form of homemade Gin. The term “Waragi” is synonymous with locally distilled gin in all parts of Uganda.

What Ugandan alcohol is shared with straws?

Thanks to Beer Jockey Jim for calling this BBC article to my attention. The article claims that ajono drinking is enjoying a revival in Uganda. One of the distinctive characteristics of this millet-based brew is that drinkers use straws to imbibe it from a common pot.

Ugandans are among the highest consumers of alcohol in Africa. … It has no written national alcohol policy, and very little regulation of alcohol availability and advertising. However, the government says it is also working on a law to regulate home-brewed alcohol.

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In Uganda, the staple food is matoke (cooking bananas). Other food crops include cassava (manioc), sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yams, beans, peas, groundnuts (peanuts), cabbage, onions, pumpkins, and tomatoes.

How much is a bottle of Uganda Waragi?

Uganda waragi comes in glass packaging of 750ml-RRP at Ushs 20,000; 350ml- RRP at Ushs 10,500; 200ML PET bottle at Ushs 4,600 and 100ml PET bottle atUshs 2,600, ABV 40%.

How do you make Enturire?

Enturire is produced by fermenting a sorghum malt slurry for about 3 days to yield a sour beverage called Obutoko (Mukisa et al., 2010). Honey is then added to Obutoko and this is fermented for a further 2–4 days to produce Enturire.

Where does Uganda rank by alcohol consumption per capita?

Where does Uganda rank in the world in terms of the “Total alcohol consumption per capita”?

Uganda’s Total alcohol consumption per capita.

Country Total alcohol consumption per capita
Uganda 15.09[liters of pure alcohol]

How strong is Waragi?

The branded, bottled (and regulated) Uganda Waragi is brewed from bananas (like enguli), made with millet and forms a clear, quite spicy Ugandan gin. It is triple distilled until it reaches an alcohol content of 96 % vol, and it is then blended until it arrives at the final 40% proof.

What is the drinking age in Uganda?

Minimum legal age at 21 years

No person under the age of 18 is allowed to consume alcohol, or purchase alcohol: The Liquor Act, Cap.

How old do you have to be to drink in Uganda?


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Country De jure
Purchase age
Uganda 18 16
Western Sahara None
Zambia 18

How many people drink alcohol in Uganda?

According to the 2004 Global Status Report on alcohol, Uganda had the highest annual consumption of alcohol in the world, with 19.47 l of pure alcohol being consumed per capita among persons aged 15 years and above; in addition to an unrecorded consumption estimated at 10.7 l of pure alcohol annually per adult [9].

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