What do I need to go to Tanzania from Kenya?

What documents do I need to travel to Tanzania?

A passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond visa issuance and/or date of entry, and at least one blank visa page, is required. Visitors who enter on visas must present a roundtrip ticket and demonstrate they have sufficient funds for their stay.

How much does it cost to travel from Kenya to Tanzania?

Flights to Cities in Tanzania

Flights Lowest Price
Nairobi to Kilimanjaro $303
Nairobi to Mwanza $55586
Nairobi to Arusha $57638
Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar $112

Do you need a passport to go to Zanzibar from Kenya?

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the travel date of your arrival and departure out of Tanzania. … You do not need a separate visa for visiting Zanzibar Island; though, the same above Tanzania visa requirements applies for Zanzibar.

How long can a Kenyan stay in Tanzania?

The validity range of this visa is from three months to one year, provided that a single stay shall not exceed ninety days. Applications for a multiple entry visa are usually submitted by local contacts on behalf of the applicants.

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How much is Tanzania visa fee?


Ordinary/Tourist Visa Nigerian Citizens: $100 (Multiple entry) for one year, 90 Days at a time Non-Nigerian and Nigerian Citizens: $50 (Single entry) for 90 Days Non-Nigerian Citizens: $100 (Double entry) for 90 Days each
Transit Visa Nigerian Citizens: $30 (Single entry) 90 Days

Do I need a passport to go to Tanzania from Kenya?

If you’re visiting Tanzania as a tourist you can either apply for a Tanzania eVisa or receive a visa on arrival. However, in both cases you’re going to need: A passport with over 6 months validity. A digital copy of a recent passport photo (check a Kenyan evisa photo requirements)

How much is bus from Nairobi to Tanzania?

Alternatively, Darlux Co. Ltd operates a bus from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam once daily. Tickets cost $38 and the journey takes 15h 45m.

How much is a flight from Kenya to Dar es Salaam?

Nairobi to Dar es salaam Flight Info

Peak season for travel December US$196
Cheapest return ticket price US$177 Nairobi(NBO) ⇒ Dar es salaam(DAR)
Cheapest direct flight price US$140 Nairobi(NBO) ⇒ Dar es salaam(ZNZ)

How far is Zanzibar from Kenya?

The distance between Kenya and Zanzibar Island is 851 km.

Who needs a visa to Kenya?

Visitors to Kenya require a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Can you drive from Kenya to Tanzania?

The distance between Kenya and Tanzania is 933 km. The road distance is 823.4 km.

Does a Kenyan need a work permit to work in Uganda?

Good news came in over the weekend that Uganda has finally signed on to the lifting of work permit requirements for citizens of Rwanda and Kenya, which had between them already gone ahead in 2013 to abolish these requirements and implement the East African Community’s protocol on the freedom of movement of labor.

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Can Americans travel to Kenya?

Do not travel to Kenya due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Kenya due to crime, terrorism, health issues, and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.

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