What country is Bamenda Cameroon?

Where is Bamenda situated?

Bamenda, town located in northwestern Cameroon. It is situated in the volcanic Bamenda Highlands. The Bamenda highlands, Cameroon.

What is Bamenda known for?

Bamenda, also known as Abakwa and Mankon Town, is a city in northwestern Cameroon and capital of the Northwest Region. … Bamenda is known for its cool climate and scenic hilly location.

Where are the Cameroons?

Cameroon is located in western Africa. Cameroon is bordered by the Bight of Bonny, Gulf of New Guinea, Nigeria to the North, Chad and Central African Republic to the east, Republic of the Congo to the south and east, and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south.

What is the surface area of Bamenda?

Bamenda city is the administrative seat of Mezam Division and Regional Headquarters of the North West and the largest town in the North West Region. It has a surface area of 5,250 kilometers square, a total of seven Sub Divisional Councils and a population of about 800,000 inhabitants.

Which region is the richest in Cameroon?

Cameroon’s East region is with the North, Far-north and Adamoua among the poorest regions in the country. But, paradoxically, it is the richest in forest and mining resources.

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What is the capital of Ambazonia?


Federal Republic of Ambazonia Amba Land
Capital Buea
Largest city Bamenda
Official languages English
Common languages Cameroonian Pidgin English, Grassfields languages, Oroko, Akoose, Kenyang, Duala

How many divisions are in Bamenda?

The province was created in 1972 with five divisions or departments: Bui, Donga-Mantung, Menchum, Mezam, and Momo. Today, it has seven divisions, the additions being Boyo, which was carved out of the Menchum division, and Ngo-Ketunjia or Ngoketunjia, split off from the Mezam division.

When was the Bamenda City Council created?

2008/021 of 17th January 2008 creating the Bamenda City Council.

When was the Bamenda Main Market inaugurated?

UN-Habitat launches Public Space and Market Place Programme in Bamenda, Cameroon. Bamenda, Cameroon, 31 August 2016–In August 2016, UN-Habitat and the Government Delegate of Bamenda City Council, Mr. Vincent Nji Ndumu, launched the Bamenda Public Space and Market Place Programme.

What is Cameroon most famous for?

Cameroon is often known as “Africa in miniature” because of its geographical and cultural diversity. The Central African country has one of the highest literacy rates on the continent, but its economic progress has been hampered by corruption and decades of authoritarian rule.

How much is rent in Cameroon?

The cost of living in Cameroon is $642, which is 1.15 times less expensive than the world average.

Cost of Living in Cameroon.

Cost of living One person Family of 4
Total with rent $642 $1637
️ Without rent $376 $1105
Rent & Utilities $267 $532
️ Food $266 $714
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What race is Cameroon?

Cameroon has more than 240 tribes which are found in three main ethnic groups; Bantus, Semi-Bantus and Sudanese. The number of national languages spoken in the country is more than 240. The most notable tribes are: BANTUS: Beti, Bassa, Bakundu, Maka, Douala, Pygmies……

Who heads a sub division in Cameroon?

These are headed by presidentially appointed divisional officers (préfets), who perform the governors’ duties on a smaller scale. The divisions are further sub-divided into sub-divisions (arrondissements), headed by assistant divisional officers (sous-prefets).

Are there Igbos in Cameroon?

Large ethnic Igbo populations are found in Cameroon, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea, as well as outside Africa.

How many ethnic tribes are in Cameroon?

POPULATION Cameroon has more than 240 tribes which are found in three main ethnic groups; Bantus, Semi-Bantus and Sudanese. The number of national languages spoken in the country is more than 240.

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