What can I export from Nigeria to China?

Nigeria exports to China Value Year
Oil seed, oleagic fruits, grain, seed, fruits $46.38M 2019
Ores slag and ash $22.98M 2019
Ships, boats, and other floating structures $21.97M 2019
Plastics $8.88M 2019

What can I export to China?

Top 10 Export Goods to China with Pics!

  • #9 – Copper and articles thereof.
  • #8 – Pulp and paperboard.
  • #7 – Plastics and articles thereof.
  • #6 – Optics and medical equipment.
  • #5 – Aircraft and spacecraft.
  • #4 – Vehicles, excluding rail.
  • #3 – Electrical machinery and equipment.
  • #2 – Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits.

What can I export from Nigeria?

List of items you can export from Nigeria includes; Ginger, Cocoa butter, Rubber, Palm kernel oil, Textiles and garments, Gallstone, Sesame seed, Garlics, Yam tubers, Charcoal, Cotton, Cassava floor, Cashew Nuts, Honey, Shrimps, Snail, Chili pepper, Fruit Juice, Poultry, Cosmetics and Soap, wigs and hair attachments.

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What does Nigeria import from China?

Nigeria imports from China Value Year
Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers $4.48B 2019
Electrical, electronic equipment $2.13B 2019
Vehicles other than railway, tramway $1.23B 2019
Articles of iron or steel $460.94M 2019

Do I need an export license to ship to China?

The Export license is required for shipping goods out of China. Without such a license, the cargo will not be cleared through the Chinese customs. As such, most export oriented suppliers, both manufacturers and trading companies, hold Export licenses.

What products are in high demand in China?

Products with high demand: according to Diario COMEX, products profiting most in the Chinese market are meat, dairy product, fresh and processed fruits, oil, fish preserves, sugars and liquors.

Can you export to China?

Export License Determination

There are several reasons the U.S. government prevents certain exports to China without an export license. … Once they know why their products are controlled, exporters should refer to the Commerce Country Chart in the EAR to determine if a license is required.

How can I export good from Nigeria?

A guide for your flawless export business

  1. Step 1: Do a research. When it comes to exporting any products from Nigeria to other countries, you have to research everything about the export business, as well as the goods you plan to export. …
  2. Step 2: Register your export business. …
  3. Step 3: Search for foreign customers.


How do I start exporting from Nigeria?

Requirements For Starting And Import/Export Business In Nigeria

  1. Register The Business.
  2. Register With The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)
  3. Register With Customs By Completing The Form NXP.
  4. Obtain Special Licences And Permits For The Goods You’re Dealing In.
  5. Verify Your Products Are Not On The Prohibited Goods List.
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What can I export from Nigeria to Germany?

Nigeria exports to Germany Value Year
Aircraft, spacecraft $1.57M 2019
Aluminum $1.57M 2019
Manmade staple fibers $1.37M 2019
Edible fruits, nuts, peel of citrus fruit, melons $1.08M 2019

Which is the most profitable product to import from China and sell in Nigeria?

Laptops, Mobile Phones & Accessories

If there is one product that has taken over the Nigerian market, it is the made-in-China mobile phones and its accessories. These products control over 65% of the mobile phone market share in Nigeria.

What products are in high demand in Nigeria?

Top 15 High Demand And Fast Selling Products in 2020

  • Electronic Goods. …
  • Fashion Items. …
  • Cosmetic Product. …
  • Health And Wellness Products. …
  • Hair Wig And Extensions. …
  • Baby Accessories. …
  • Food And Groceries. …
  • Phones And Accessories.

Why does China invest in Nigeria?

Nigeria has since become an important source of oil and petroleum for China’s rapidly growing economy and Nigeria is looking to China for help in achieving high economic growth; China has provided extensive economic, military and political support. … China has supported Nigeria’s bid for a seat in the U.N.

Do I need a license to export from USA?

The answer is usually “no” because about 95 percent of all items exported from the United States don’t require an export license. As such, only a small percentage of all U.S. export transactions require licenses from the U.S. government.

What is China’s main export to the US?

The top goods exported from China to the U.S. and their total values for 2018 were electrical machinery ($152 billion), machinery ($117 billion), furniture and bedding ($35 billion), toys and sports equipment ($27 billion), and plastics ($19 billion).

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What are the top 3 Exports of China?

Searchable List of China’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank China’s Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Phone system devices including smartphones $223,217,114,000
2 Computers, optical readers $170,176,156,000
3 Integrated circuits/microassemblies $117,099,589,000
4 Miscellaneous articles, dress patterns $55,225,956,000
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