What banks are in Kenya?

How many banks do we have in Kenya?

In a brief overview, there are 44 main banking institutions in Kenya, 31 are locally-owned banks while 13 of them are foreign-owned. The locally-owned institutions include 3 banks that the government has shares in, 1 mortgage financial institution, and the remainder are 27 commercial banks.

Which bank in Kenya is international?

International Banks are well present in Kenya such as Citi Bank, CFC Stanbic (Standard Bank of South Africa), Barclays Bank, Bank of Baroda, Standard Chartered in the banking sector, creating an additional sense of security with regard to financial stability in Kenya.

What US banks are in Kenya?

Kenya – U.S. Banks and Local Correspondent BanksKenya – US Banks

  • Bank of Africa.
  • Bank of Baroda.
  • Bank of India.
  • Barclays Bank of Kenya.
  • Citibank.
  • Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)
  • Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank (formerly Fina Bank)
  • Habib Bank A.G. Zurich.
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Which is the cheapest bank in Kenya?

Bank of Baroda, for instance, is ranked the cheapest with a cost of credit of Sh60,580 that reflects pure interest charges. The small lender does not levy charges like legal, insurance and processing fees, according to the cost of credit portal.

Which is the safest bank in Kenya?

KCB named Kenya’s safest bank in new global survey

  • The 29th annual World’s Safest Banks ranking recognises the KCB among 14 African banks in the list consisting of lenders from 112 countries.
  • KCB was the only bank in Kenya that made the list of safest banks globally.


Which is the richest bank?

S&P’s Top 10 ranking of the largest banks in the world

Rank Bank name Total assets
1 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China $4.32 trillion
2 China Construction Bank Corp. $3.65 trillion
3 Agricultural Bank of China $3.57 trillion
4 Bank of China $3.27 trillion

Which bank in Kenya is the best?

Top Banks in Kenya

  • The Top Banks in Kenya Include:
  • Equity Bank Kenya. …
  • Standard Chartered Bank Kenya. …
  • Barclays Bank Kenya. …
  • Kenya Commercial Bank. …
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya. …
  • Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya. …
  • National Bank of Kenya.

Which is largest bank in Kenya?

In terms of assets, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) was the biggest bank operating in Kenya as of 2020.

Largest banks in Kenya as of December 2019, by total assets (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Assets in billion U.S. dollars

Which is the best savings bank in Kenya?

Best Banks In Kenya To Open A Savings Account And Earn High Interest

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Bank Account Name Min. Account Balance
Stanbic Bank Pure Save
Standard Chartered Bank Diva Chamma 2,000
Safari Savings 2,000
Safari Junior 2,000

How much do you need to start a bank in Kenya?

Evidence to be submitted includes either copies of certified bank statements, Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) or Government Securities. Currently a minimum capital of Kshs 1 billion is required to start a bank or a mortgage finance company.

Can an American open a bank account in Kenya?

The United States government does not restrict citizens from opening a bank account in Kenya.

Can I open a bank account online without going to the bank in Kenya?

Can I open a bank account online without going to the bank in Kenya? Yes, you can.

Which is the most expensive bank in Kenya?

Absa Bank Kenya comes up as the most expensive bank in Kenya. A borrower taking 1 million shillings personal secured loan for one year from Absa will incur a total credit cost of 143,007 shillings.

Which bank has the best savings?

Best Savings Accounts:

  • Prime Alliance Bank – 0.60% APY.
  • BrioDirect – 0.60% APY.
  • Customers Bank – 0.60% APY.
  • Vio Bank – 0.57% APY.
  • SFGI Direct – 0.56% APY.
  • Live Oak Bank – 0.55% APY.
  • Comenity Direct – 0.55% APY.
  • Quontic Bank – 0.55% APY.

Where can I get a quick loan in Kenya?

Check out some of the places you can get quick loans in Kenya for that rainy day.

  • mKey. mKey is a digital banking service that was launched by Finserve Africa in September. …
  • Branch. …
  • KCB M-PESA. …
  • M-Shwari. …
  • MCo-op Cash loans. …
  • Eazzy Loan. …
  • OKash. …
  • Haraka.
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