What are the slogan of 36 state in Nigeria?

What is the motto of the 36 states in Nigeria?

List of Nigeria’s 36 States with their Capitals and Current Governors

S. No State Slogan
1 Abia State God’s Own State
2 Adamawa State Land of Beauty
3 Akwa Ibom State Land of Promise
4 Anambra State Light of the Nation

What is the slogan for Imo State?

List of Nigerian states’ nicknames

State Nickname
Imo State Eastern Heartland (formerly Land of Hope)
Jigawa State The New World
Kaduna State Centre of Learning (formerly Liberal State)
Kano State Centre of Commerce

What is the slogan of Calabar?

A southern state with the capital Calabar city. The year of creation is 1976. “The Nation’s Paradise” this is the slogan.

Which state in Nigeria has the slogan pride of the nation?

Bayelsa State

The state is nicknamed Pride of the Nation.

What is the nickname of Nigeria?

Naija – The unofficial nickname for Nigeria.

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What is the motto of Nigeria?

Nigerias National Motto is Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

What are the states slogan?

  • Alabama – Yellowhammer State.
  • Alaska – The Last Frontier.
  • Arizona – The Grand Canyon State.
  • Arkansas – The Natural State.
  • California – The Golden State.
  • Colorado – The Centennial State.
  • Connecticut – The Constitution State.
  • Delaware – The First State.

Who is the richest in Imo State?

The Richest Men In Imo State

  • Pascal Dozie Net Worth $1.1. …
  • Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth $1 Billion. …
  • Rochas Okorocha Net Worth $1 Billion. …
  • Tony Ezenna Net Worth $430 Million.


How old is Imo State?

Imo State was created on 17 March 1976 from part of East Central State.

How many states are there in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a federal republic of 36 states and a federal capital territory, with a population of about 150 million.

What is Awka known for?

South of the town on the slopes of the Awka-Orlu Uplands are some examples of soil erosion and gullying. Awka is the traditional home of the Igbo (Ibo) blacksmiths; early bronze artifacts have been discovered in the vicinity, and the town’s artisans are still noted for their metalworking and wood carving.

What is the tourism tagline for Nigeria?

Tourism Slogan of Every Country in the World

Country Tourism Slogan
Nigeria Good people, great nation
Norway Powered by Nature
Oman Beauty has an address
Pakistan It’s Beautiful – it’s Pakistan

Which state has the highest natural resources in Nigeria?

Mineral Resources Found in Kaduna state

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This is one of the few states that has the highest number of natural resources in Nigeria.

How many governors are there in Nigeria?

The current party affiliation of the 36 state governors is: 14 People’s Democratic Party (PDP) 21 All Progressive Congress (APC)

What is a slogan or motto?

Slogan expresses a belief or ideal of an individual, group or an organization. Motto is an attention-grabbing phrase that is used to promotion or advertising.

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