Quick Answer: Who is the current CMD of National Hospital Abuja?

Dr Jaf Momoh – Chief Medical Director and Chief Consultant Chemical Pathologist – National Hospital, Abuja | LinkedIn.

Who built National Hospital Abuja?

Initially christened ‘National Hospital For Women And Children’, the National Hospital, Abuja’ came into effect from 10 May 2000. The Physical structure was constructed by the Arab Contractors and later by Julius Berger [Nigeria] Plc, whilst the medical equipment was supplied and installed by Philips Projects (B.V.).

What is the name of the biggest hospital in Abuja?

National Hospital, Abuja

National Hospital Abuja
Beds 850
Opened 22 May 1999

How many hospitals are in Abuja?

Results – 11 Hospitals/Clinics found in Abuja, Nigeria. Address: Plot 1195, Cadastral Zone B18, Sector Centre D , Oladipo Diya Road , Gudu District, FCT , Abuja 9272 , Nigeria.

How many beds does national hospital have?


When was national hospital built?

Hospital Nacional
Beds 80
Opened 9 July 1973

What’s the postal code for Abuja?

Абуджа/Почтовые индексы

What is the best hospital in Abuja?


This is by far one of the top private hospitals in Abuja. It is well equipped to handle treatment of all kinds and medical services that most standard tertiary institutions in Nigeria can run.

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Which hospital is the best in Nigeria?

Limi Hospital, Abuja

Limi Hospital is the top hospital in Nigeria as rated by our members in Q4 2018.

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