Quick Answer: Who is the current chief justice of Zambia 2019?

Irene Mambilima. Irene Chirwa Mambilima (born March 31, 1952) is the Chief Justice of Zambia, in office since 2015.

Who is the deputy chief justice of Zambia 2020?


Justice Michael Musonda, S.C, is the Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia.

Who is the head of the judiciary in Zambia?

Nalishebo Imataa is the Chief Administrator of the Judiciary.

Who is the current chief justice 2020?

The current chief justice is John Roberts (since 2005).

How many judges are on the Supreme Court in Zambia?

The Supreme Court of Zambia is the final Court of appeal and has the final say in all legal matters, including the interpretation of the Constitution. It consists of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and 7 or more Supreme Court Judges.

Who is the chief justice of judiciary?

Since the birth of the Republic of India on 26 January 1950, 47 judges have served as the Chief Justice of India (CJI).

Supreme Court of India (1950–present)

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Name (birth–death) Sharad Arvind Bobde (1956–)
Period of office 18 November 2019
23 April 2021
Length of term 1 year, 156 days

How many judges are there in Zambia?

The Zambian judicial system comprises approximately 460 courts, arrayed, basically, in a hierarchy with four primary levels. At the base, stand 415 local courts, presided over by 8 senior presiding justices, and 407 presiding justices, assisted by 428 ordinary justices.

How much do judges earn in Zambia?

Salaries for specific jobs

Administrative Law Judge 16,900 ZMK
Judge Advocate 13,200 ZMK
Law Clerk 2,710 ZMK
Lawyer 12,200 ZMK
Legal Administrative Assistant 3,220 ZMK

What are the two types of laws in Zambia?

Zambia has a plural legal system consisting of general law based on English law, customary law, and a variety of bodies of rules and practices generated by semi-autonomous social groups like the church. Customary law consists of the customary laws of each of Zambia’s 73 ethnic groups.

What is the second highest court in Zambia?

The Court of Appeal is established under Article 130 of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016 (“The Constitution”). It is now the second highest Superior Court of Record after the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Zambia.

Can a president change the chief justice?

(51) Once Justices are confirmed, a President has no power to remove them from office. A Justice may be removed by Congress, but only through the difficult and involved process of impeachment.

Does the chief justice have more power?

He serves as chairman in the court and has authority to assign the writing of opinions in cases where he is a member of the majority; otherwise his powers are the same as those of any other Supreme Court justice.

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Who is the president of the Supreme Court 2020?

John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, was born in Buffalo, New York, January 27, 1955.

Who appoints judges in Zambia?

In Zambia, judges are appointed by the President under Article 140 of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) 2016.

Who hears cases in the Supreme Court?

The United States Supreme Court is a federal court, meaning in part that it can hear cases prosecuted by the U.S. government. (The Court also decides civil cases.) The Court can also hear just about any kind of state-court case, as long as it involves federal law, including the Constitution.

Who represents the president in court?

The United States solicitor general represents the federal government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States. The solicitor general determines the legal position that the United States will take in the Supreme Court.

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