Quick Answer: What is the black market rate for pounds in Nigeria today?

Sell You get –
1 GBP 618 Nigerian Nairas

How Much Is pounds to naira in black market today?

Pound to Naira Exchange Rates

Source Rate Change
Black Market ₦ 710.00 1.00%
CBN ₦ 579.95 -0.28%
BDC ₦ 705.00 0.43%
Moneygram ₦ 510.06 -0.58%

How much is 1$ in Nigeria black market?

USD has been traded at ₦491 when Black Market opened this week on Monday, May 31, 2021.

USD to Naira ( Black Market ) rate.

USD to Naira Naira
1 USD ₦497:00
5 USD ₦2,485:00
10 USD ₦4,970:00
20 USD ₦9,940:00

What is D exchange rate of pounds to naira?

Best Pound to Nigerian Naira Exchange Rate Today, Live 1 GBP to NGN = 582.7126 (Compare & Convert Pounds to Nigerian Naira)

What is black market exchange rate?

Black market exchange rates are exchange rates that differ from the officially given exchange rate set by a government. These black market rates often occur when the official rate bears little resemblance to the actual market conditions.

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Which is the strongest currency in the world?

Kuwaiti dinar

Known as the strongest currency in the world, the Kuwaiti dinar or KWD was introduced in 1960 and was initially equivalent to one pound sterling. Kuwait is a small country that is nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia whose wealth has been driven largely by its large global exports of oil.

How much is naira to a pound today?

Nigerian Naira to Pound Exchange Rate Today, Live 1 NGN to GBP = 0.0017 (Convert Nigerian Naira to Pounds)

How much is $500 US dollars in Nigeria?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Nigerian Naira
50 USD 19400.00000 NGN
100 USD 38800.00000 NGN
250 USD 97000.00000 NGN
500 USD 194000.00000 NGN

How much is $200 BTC to naira?

200 bitcoins to nigerian naira according to the foreign exchange rate for today. You have just converted two hundred bitcoins to nigerian naira according to the recent foreign exchange rate 15,450,556.77902622. For two hundred bitcoins you get today 3,090,111,355 naira 80 kobo.

How much is $200 dollars in Nigeria money?

USD US Dollar to NGN Nigerian Naira Currency Rates Today: Sunday, 23/05/2021

Date US Dollar Nigerian Naira
23/05/2021 200 USD = 82500.00 NGN
22/05/2021 200 USD = 82500.00 NGN
21/05/2021 200 USD = 82500.00 NGN
20/05/2021 200 USD = 82182.16 NGN

How much is naira to euro in black market?

Convert Naira to Euro in Black Market

Naira Euro
1 Naira to Euro € 0.0017
5 Nairas to Euro € 0.0083
10 Nairas to Euro € 0.0166
20 Nairas to Euro € 0.0332
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What is 1million naira in dollars?

History Wednesday 26/05/2021 – Friday 04/06/2021

Date Nigerian Naira United States Dollar
Tuesday 01/06/2021 1000000 NGN = 2424.23655 USD
Monday 31/05/2021 1000000 NGN = 2421.30751 USD
Sunday 30/05/2021 1000000 NGN = 2421.30751 USD
Saturday 29/05/2021 1000000 NGN = 2424.21892 USD

What is aboki exchange rate?

Today’s Exchange Rate.

Date Currency Rate
05/06/2021 USD 493/495
05/06/2021 Euro 575/580
05/06/2021 CAD 000/000
05/06/2021 CNY 74.5/75

What is an example of a black market?

The black market, underground market, or underground economy is a market where people buy and sell products illegally. For example, smoking, buying, and selling cigarettes are legal. … However, smuggling cigarettes from abroad and selling them without paying import duties is illegal.

What is a black market premium?

Black market premium is the ratio of black market price to official price level. In countries with strict regulations on currency transactions it is difficult and some times risky to get data on black market.

How much is Cotonou money to naira?

Exchange Rate Today For Converting West African CFA Francs to Nigerian Naira – 1 XOF = 0.135 NGN

Convert XOF: 1 50
Into NGN: 0.76 38.16
Across the Sahara