Quick Answer: What is basic pay in Kenya?

The basic pay is for the time that the employee or director works for the company. It is the lowest amount of compensation that a company can award its employees or directors as contractual pay. Basic pay in one company is comparable with basic pay in other companies within the same industry.

What is basic salary Kenya?

Salaries in Kenya range from 37,100 KES per month (minimum salary) to 656,000 KES per month (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher).

What is included in basic pay?

Basic salary refers to the amount of money that an employee receives prior to any extras being added or payments deducted. It excludes bonuses, overtime pay or any other potential compensation from an employer. The whole amount of basic salary is part of the take-home salary. Basic salary is fully taxable.

How is basic wage calculated?

To find your base pay, multiply your number of hours worked by your pay rate.

  1. For example, suppose you work in Ohio, where the tipped employee minimum wage is $4.08. You earn that wage, and work for 40 hours in a given week. …
  2. If you want to estimate your annual pay, multiply this result by 50 weeks per year.
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Is 50k a good salary in Kenya?

The salary of Ksh 50,000 is the average figure for Kenyans living in towns. If the budget is squeezed appropriately, the money can sustain one for a whole month and some remain for savings.

Which jobs are in demand in Kenya?

Here is a list of careers in high demand you may wish to consider in Kenya:


What is DA in salary slip?

What is Dearness Allowance. Dearness Allowance is paid by the government to its employees as well as a pensioner to offset the impact of inflation. The effective salary of government employees requires constant enhancement to help them cope up with the increasing prices.

What is difference between base salary and basic salary?

Base salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Base salary does not include benefits, bonuses or any other potential compensation from an employer. … The basic salary is the minimum amount of pay an employee receives aloted for a particular position..

What is basic salary slip?

Basic Salary: It is the most important component of salary and usually comprises about 35% to 40% of the total salary. It is the basis for the determination of various other components of the pay slip. Dearness Allowance: It is an allowance paid to reduce the impact of inflation on the employee.

How much is 3000 a month per year?

Converting $36,000 a year in another time unit

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Conversion Unit
Monthly salary $36,000 a year is $3,000 per month
Biweekly salary $36,000 a year is $1,385 per 2 weeks
Weekly salary $36,000 a year is $692 per week
Daily salary $36,000 a year is $138.46 per day

How is monthly salary calculated?

Since October has 31 days, the per-day pay is calculated as Rs 30,000/31 = Rs 967.74. This is a variant of the Calendar day basis. In this method, the pay per day is calculated as the total salary for the month divided by the total number of calendar days minus Sundays.

How much should you spend on rent in Kenya?

Spend 33% of your salary on rent

According to Business Daily, Kenyans living in Nairobi spend approximately 40% of their gross income on rent. The figure is higher than the global recommended value of 30% of the income.

How much does a middle class earn in Kenya?

According to the Economic survey 2017 by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the lower income group comprises households with a monthly income of Kshs 23,670 and below; while middle income group comprises households with incomes ranging between Kshs 23,671 and Kshs 119,999 and finally the Upper income group enjoys …

How much rent should I pay based on my salary in Kenya?

Financial experts often say you should not spend more than 28% of your income on rent. So if your take-home salary is KSh 30,000 per month, your rent should not be more than KSh 8,400 per month.

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