Quick Answer: How much do trotro drivers make a day in Ghana?

Kwame and Santos make an average of 300 cedis a day. 100 cedis goes to the car owner, 100 cedis for fuel, and they share 100 cedis. Santos makes an average of 30 Ghana cedis.

What is trotro in Ghana?

In Ghana and neighboring countries tro tros are privately owned minibus share taxis that travel fixed routes leaving when filled to capacity. While there are tro tro stations, these vehicles for hire can also be boarded anywhere along the route. … Fewer tro tros operate on Sundays.

How many Trotros are in Ghana?

Scope. The focus of the Case Study is the private bus operator sector in the Greater Accra area of Ghana. This currently comprises c. 6,000 minibuses (trotros) on organized routs.

What are taxis called in Ghana?

Okada. Motorcycle taxis, or okadas are commonly used in Ghana and other West African countries, including Togo (where they’re called oléyia), Benin (zémidjans) and Nigeria, where the name originated (borrowed from Okada Air, a former Nigerian domestic airline).

What does the name trotro mean?

The term ‘trotro’ itself is drawn from the three pence fare – the word tro in Ga language means ‘three’.

Who created trotro?

Trotro is a young donkey character originally from children’s books by Bénédicte Guettier. The three- to four-minute TV episodes revolve around his interactions with his parents, his friends Lili and Boubou, and Nana, his curly-haired love interest.

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How much is a taxi ride in Ghana?

Taxi Fare Calculator in Accra

Distance miles Estimated Price *
3 35.00 ₵
4 45.00 ₵
5 55.00 ₵
6 65.00 ₵

How do you get around in Accra Ghana?

How to get around in Accra, Ghana

  1. Uber! Believe it or not, uber works well in Accra. …
  2. Taxis. Taxis are everywhere in Accra. …
  3. Trotros. Trotros are shared drive for a fixed route where you can get off where you want. …
  4. Ford vans. …
  5. Scheduled Bus Service.

Is trotro a donkey?

The show is about a young donkey named Trotro. … The show is based on the books of Bénédicte Guettier. The show is produced in a series of 78 episodes of 4 minutes each.

What color is trotro?

Trotro loves to play in puddles and he does not like to bathe and eat sardines, Trotro is not very orderly but has a lot of imagination Trotro donkey is a little gray donkey with a nice mane white. Playful and enthusiastic, he always sees the good side of things and does not miss an opportunity to have fun.

How old is tro tro?

Trotro. Trotro is the animated version of a series of books based on the everyday life of a four- or five-year-old kid – well, donkey. Although Trotro is energetic and often laughing at something or other, the show itself has a calm, soothing vibe.

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