Quick Answer: How do I withdraw from Chymall in Nigeria?

How long does it take to withdraw money from Chymall?

Bitcoin is usually processed within 7 working days.

Can I withdraw consumption point in Chymall?

You cannot withdraw your boutique points. You cannot convert your boutique point to chy point or consumption point. Your boutique point remains boutique point at all times. Chymall is an ecommerce platform that aims at driving more sales.
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How long does a pending withdrawal take?

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The bank knows about it, but the funds have not yet been moved. A withdrawal, meanwhile, takes funds from your account immediately. Together, the words pending withdrawal mean funds are leaving your account soon, perhaps in one to three business days.

How do I withdraw my profit from Chymall?

Log on to https://www.chymall.net with your login details. On the left corner TAB where you have your username, select “Withdraw“ Fill all the necessary information on the new window that opens up. Put your Payment password.

How do I withdraw money from Chymall?

You can withdraw through the following processes;

  1. Bank: Chymall gives you the privilege of withdrawing directly through your bank account. …
  2. BTC WALLET: You can also withdraw through your BTC wallet. …
  3. P2P TRANSFER: This is the most widely used and known way of withdrawal.
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Is Chymall registered in Nigeria?

It is now official, chymall.net has fully registered with CAC of Nigeria. All legal procedures must be taken care of. This is a business designed for the African market.

What is Chy point in Chymall?

✍️ ▪️ *CHY-POINTS* It is the amount you have in your account (Money) All amount in the *CHY-POINTS* is in *US DOLLARS($$$)* With that amount you can trade on the platform.

Who is the owner of Chymall?

CHY Mall is an international shopping just like eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Amazon, Kikou and many more. The company originated from China since 2008, founded by Mr. Zhang Yuan, who is one of the first 10 entrepreneurs in China.

Can I withdraw money that is pending?

Can I Withdraw A Pending Deposit? As mentioned above, you do not have access to a pending deposit until the bank has finished transferring the balance into your account. This means don’t have access to the funds in any way until the bank has approved the deposit.

Can I withdraw pending transactions?

A pending direct deposit is not able to be withdrawn as the deposit is still in the process of being verified by your bank. Once the deposit is authorized, you’ll then be able to use these funds, including to withdraw them.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Justforex?

1–2 hours during the operating hours of the Finance Department. The maximum processing time is up to one bank day. In case of withdrawal via Wire Transfer, the term of funds reaching the bank account is up to 7 bank days. It may take up to 1 hour.

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