Question: What nationality is bad Chad?

Full Name Chad Hiltz
Born Kingsport, Nova Scotia
Nationality Australian
Religion Jewish

Where is Bad Chad from originally?

Chad Hiltz, basically known as “Bad Chad” is a Canadian TV Actor from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is famous for his new tv show “Bad Chad Customs” which aired on Discovery channel. He is also the owner of Green Goblin Customs.

Who Is Bad Chad’s girlfriend?

Jolene on ‘Bad Chad Customs’ Is One Badass Businesswoman. The second season of Discovery Channel’s Bad Chad Customs is now in full swing, and viewers are becoming more invested in the lives of master builder Chad Hiltz and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Jolene MacIntyre.

How much is bad Chad worth?

But, because Chad’s been running a bonafide business that’s been earning him a lot of cash per project over the years, there are some sites that report he’s got himself a solid $1 million net worth… while others just picked a random number of $90 million, which is a lot harder to believe.

What is bad Chad’s real name?

Chad Hiltz is the real star of the show and he goes by the title “Bad Chad,” hence, the name of the television show.

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How Much Does Bad Chad make per episode?

In all reality, they’re probably making anywhere from $3k to $5k an episode of filming the show, in addition to profits from their custom cars.

Is Bad Chad ill?

Chad Hiltz is not sick, as per our knowledge. We don’t know why people would think that as he is very active in social media pages where he shows off his work to his fans.

How Old Is Bad Chad’s wife?

How old is Chad Hiltz’s fiancee? was born in 1989 from Centreville, Nova Scotia and she is 30 years old as of 2019.

Jolene Macintyre Age.

Jolene Macintyre Wikipedia
Full Name Jolene Macintyre
Ken Todd Age 30 years as of 2019
Education Details
College Saint Mary’s University

Is Chad Hiltz married?

Chad Hiltz Quick Facts

Name Chad Hiltz
Married Yes
Wife/Partner Jolene MacIntyre
Children Two
Nationality American

Who is Jolene Macintyre?

She’s The Co-Founder Of Hiltz Auto Co.

Most people who watch Bad Chad Customs may be under the impression that Jolene is only Chad’s manager. However, she plays a bigger role in all aspects of the business than many people realize. According to her Instagram bio, she is actually the co-founder of Hiltz Auto Co.

How did Chad Hiltz get his money?

With his interest in automobiles from his early years, Hiltz eventually pursued a car customizing business. He is the owner of Green Goblin Customs. In his garage, he collects metal scraps and builts them into unique cars.

Who Are Bad Chad’s parents?

Chad Hiltz aka “Bad Chad” was born on August 31, 1971, in Kingsport, Nova Scotia.

Chad Hiltz Wife & Children.

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Full Name Chad Hiltz
Family Details
Father Doug Hiltz
Mother Patricia
Across the Sahara