Question: What is the Role of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria?

The agency was created to control and standardize the Teaching Profession in Nigeria. It also controls the education level of teachers. The TRCN follows the Act established by teachers and stakeholders of the Agency.

What are the functions of Trcn?

Functions Duties and Responsibilities of TRCN

  • Registration and licensing of qualified teachers.
  • Accreditation, monitoring and supervision of the courses and programmes of teacher training institutions in Nigeria to ensure that they meet national and international standards.

What is Teachers Registration Council?

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria. … The major mandates are the regulation and control of the Teaching Profession at all levels of the Nigerian Education system, both in the public and private sectors..

When was Trcn established?

Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria Otherwise known as TRCN was established in 1993 by the Federal Ministry Of Education For the effective running of the teaching profession both in public and private sect in Nigeria.

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What are the requirements for Trcn?

Applicant must have acquired a BSc, HND, NCE, or OND with good grade division from an accredited institution. A Senior Secondary School Certificate or West Africa Examination Certificate (WAEC) with at least 3 credits including English Language and Mathematics or a National Certificate of Education (NCE).

Whats the full meaning of Trcn?

TRCN means the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria. It is an agency under the Federal Ministry of Education, established with the major mandate of regulation and control of the teaching profession at all levels of the Nigerian Education System, both in the public and the private sectors.

Who is the head of Trcn in Nigeria?

TRCN Registrar/CEO: Professor Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye. Professor Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye has taken over as the substantive Registrar/Chief Executive, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, (TRCN).

How do I register with Teachers Registration Council?

How to Begin TRCN 2020 Registration. Visit the TRCN website @ to generate a RRR (TSA) remitta with your correct full name, active email address and phone number. Make your payment online or at the bank. Proceed now to TRCN OFFICE with: Credentials photocopies, 2 passports and bank teller of payment printout …

How do I register as a teacher in Nigeria?

To apply for registering as a Teacher, the applicant must first take a Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) conducted by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. For that, the applicant has to visit the State office of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.

How can I become a teacher in Nigeria?

Candidates applying to teach in Nigeria should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and generally a teaching license. Many international school positions prefer or require at least one year of experience, and experience teaching the relevant curriculum is preferred.

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What is the history of Trcn?

The Teachers Registration Council (TRCN) was established as an agency of the Federal Ministry of Education. The agency was established as an instrument to control and standardize the Teaching Profession in Nigeria.

What are the 7 principles of teaching?

The Seven Principles:

  • Encourage contact between students and faculty.
  • Develop reciprocity and cooperation among students.
  • Encourage active learning.
  • Give prompt feedback.
  • Emphasize time on task.
  • Communicate high expectations.
  • Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

Why is the registration of teachers necessary in Nigeria?

No teacher can teach in Nigeria without an approval of the TRCN. This means the TRCN serves as a necessary instrument of the educational system of Nigeria. It helps to provide necessary education to the teachers. In addition, it serves as a united council for teachers where they can share their knowledge.

What is the minimum teaching qualification in Nigeria?

The National Policy on Education prescribes that the NCE Certificate shall be the minimum qualification for all teachers in our schools.

How much is a teacher paid in Nigeria?

A person working as a Teacher in Nigeria typically earns around 250,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 130,000 NGN (lowest) to 383,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is the pass mark for Trcn exam?

The PASS-MARK for the PQE is 50%. It qualifies candidates to proceed on proper registration. Candidates who score below 50% have 2 more chances left to RE-SIT. Further failure attracts a minimum of one year probation.

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