Question: What is the meaning of Osinachi in Igbo?

Osinachi is an Igbo name for boys meaning Comes from God. Read below for Osinachi’s celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings.

What is the meaning of the name Kairachukwu?

Kairachukwu is an Igbo name for girls meaning Let’s live it to God.

What is the meaning of Achalugo?

Achalugo is a combination of two words, Achala and Ugo. Achala means elephant grass while Ugo means Eagle. The combination of both words to celebrate a woman (Nwanyi) is stemmed from the fact that the Eagle known for its strength, makes its home in the stands of the Achala. /

What does the name Zikora meaning?

According to a user from Nigeria, the name Zikora is of Nigerian origin and means “It’s of Igbo origin (Zikoranachimamaka) which means ‘show the world that my God is good’ which in short written as zikora”.

What does the name amarachi mean?

Amarachi originates from the Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria and means “God’s Grace” or “Grace of God”. It is a combination of two words “Amara” and “Chi”. “Amara” by itself means “grace” and “Chi” by itself means “God”.

Is Amanda an Igbo name?

For example, we now have Amanda for Chimamanda, Ziko for Zikoranachigidimma, Muna for Munachimyiaga etc. Below are incredibly fine Igbo names from South East Nigeria that will tickle your fancy.

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Is Kamara an Igbo name?

MEANING: This name derives from the African (Igbo) “camara”, meaning “teacher”.

What is I love you in Nigerian language?

“Mo ni fe re” is Yoruba for “I love you” and literally translates to “I have your love.” Yoruba language needs little introduction as it is one of the 4 official languages of Nigeria.

What does Igbo mean slang?

Related to IGBO: Yoruba. Acronym. Definition. IGBO. International Gay Bowlers’ Organization.

What is the meaning of Ifunanya?

More About Name : Ifunanya

Ifunanya is a name from the Ibo tribe in Nigeria, West Africa. It means LOVE and is a girl’s name. … Ifunaya means “love” in Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

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