Question: Is Samsung M30 available in Nigeria?

The price of Samsung Galaxy m30 in Nigeria will start at a retail price of N70,900 Naira for the variant with 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, while the other version with 4GB RAM/64GB ROM will sell for N83,700 Naira.

Is Samsung M30 available in stores?

Samsung Galaxy M30 3GB RAM variant now available across offline stores in India. Back in 2019, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphone in India.

Can I use Samsung M30 outside India?

Can’t this phone be used outside India.

Is Samsung M30 available offline?

Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy M30 smartphone in India back in 2019. … Notably, the 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage variant of the Samsung Galaxy M30 is available in India’s offline retail stores and is up for grabs.

Is galaxy M30 a good phone?

Bottom Line. The Samsung Galaxy M30 seems to tick most of the right boxes for a mid-range Android smartphone at Rs 14,990. Two apparent areas of weakness, however, are performance and software. While performance on the Exynos 7904-powered Galaxy M30 isn’t bad, it isn’t particularly impressive either.

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Does Samsung M30 has fast charging?

No, Samsung Galaxy M30 doesn’t have fast charging support, but it has a huge capacity of 5,000mAh Li-ion gives it a healthy backup for hours.

Can Samsung m31 be used outside India?

With Samsung Region Lock, Samsung ensures that their devices are only used on the market they’re intended for. For example, smartphones that you buy in Asia can’t be used in Europe and vice versa. You can cancel Samsung Region Lock making a 5-minute phone call with a SIM card from the market the phone is intended for.

Does Samsung M30s work in USA?

Keep in mind that to have a perfect coverage, the ideal thing is that the Samsung Galaxy M30s has all the frequencies for all networks, that are used in USA, although if the Samsung Galaxy M30s lacks any of the frequency bands used, it does not mean that it does not work on that network, but coverage could be limited …

Is Samsung M30 waterproof?

After conducting the Samsung Galaxy M30 waterproof test, we can conclude that the device is splashproof and dustproof to some extent. … So Samsung Galaxy M30 is not completely waterproof.

Is M30 better than Note 7 Pro?

Here you can compare Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy M30.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy M30.

Specification Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Samsung Galaxy M30
Rear Camera 48 MP + 5 MP with autofocus 13 MP PDAF f/1.9
5 MP f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)
5 MP f/2.2 (Depth Sensor) with autofocus
Price ₹14,500 ₹12,745
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Which is better M30s or A30s?

Comparing Samsung Galaxy M30s vs Samsung Galaxy A30s on Smartprix, enables you to check their respective specs scores and unique features.

Samsung Galaxy M30s vs Samsung Galaxy A30s.

Specification Samsung Galaxy M30s Samsung Galaxy A30s
OS Android v9.0 (Pie), upgradable to v11 Android v9.0 (Pie), upgradable to v10
Price ₹14,069 ₹14,999

Is Samsung M30 a failure?

The Galaxy M30 has the same Exynos 7904 chipset that we see on Galaxy M20 and Galaxy A30. Simply put, this octa-core mobile platform is rather mediocre and falls short of Snapdragon 675 and Snapdragon 660 that are other options available in the same price range.

Which is better A50 or M30s?

Comparing Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Samsung Galaxy M30s on Smartprix, enables you to check their respective specs scores and unique features.

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Specification Samsung Galaxy A50 Samsung Galaxy M30s
Battery 4000 mAh, Li-Po Battery 6000 mAh, Li-ion Battery
Price ₹21,000 ₹14,999

Is Samsung M30 support 4K video?

The smartphone will run on Exynos 7904 processor with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. The new chipset from Samsung brings advanced features for mid-range smartphones. For instance, it supports single-camera resolution of up to 32-megapixels and up to 4K UHD at 30fps or full HD at 120fps video recording.

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