Question: Is Nigeria population an asset or liability?

Is population an asset or liability?

Large population can be an asset as it is mixed talents which will subsequently lead to progress. We have the largest human resource; their power can be utilized for development and education. A growing population is a liability for our nation’s growth. The high growth rate hampers the economic development of India.

Is Nigeria over or under populated?

Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, with approximately 200 million people in an area of 923,768 km2 (356,669 sq mi), and is also the country with the largest population in Africa and the seventh largest population in the world.

Does overpopulation affect Nigeria economy?

As a poor economy, rapid population growth inevitably reduces agricultural output per capita, leading to food insecurity and high fertility causes overall income per head to decline. Basic services fail Nigeria people in access, quality and quantity in part due to large population.

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What are the effect of population in Nigeria?

Some of these results are; depletion of resources, human congestion, weather modification, high unemployment rate, environmental degradation and a lot more.

How is population a asset?

Rising population is an asset, provided, the skills of the workforce are used to the maximum extent. If not channelized properly, it can be a liability for a nation. … The population acts as a strength only when there is a potential to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and jobs.

Is population an asset or liability for Bangladesh?

According to its prime minister- Hasina Shaikh, the population of Bangladesh is an asset. For example, India has its population as Liability – not an asset. When such a population is guided in the right way and grown with desired education, it can help in the growth of Bangladesh.

Which tribe is the largest in Nigeria?

The Hausa people are the largest tribe in Nigeria, making up approximately 25% of the population.

Will Nigeria become overpopulated?

The country’s population is projected to increase to 263 million in 2030 and 401 million in 2050 when it will become the third most populous country in the world. … The global population growth is 1.05% per year. Nigeria’s population growth is a product of persistent high fertility and consistently declining mortality.

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What are disadvantages of population?

Population affects the environment through the use of natural resources and production of wastes. These lead to loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution and increased pressure on land. Excessive deforestation and overgrazing by the growing population has led to land degradation.

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What are the problems of population growth in Nigeria?

It also needs to recognize that population growth puts much pressure on the environment. For example, population growth causes soil erosion, nutrient exhaustion, rapid deforestation, and other problems which render the land unusable for agriculture.

What are effects of high population?

Rapid growth has led to uncontrolled urbanization, which has produced overcrowding, destitution, crime, pollution, and political turmoil. Rapid growth has outstripped increases in food production, and population pressure has led to the overuse of arable land and its destruction.

What are the causes of over population in Nigeria?

It was observed that polygamy; illiteracy, poverty and early marriage are some of the reasons responsible for the rapid increase in population. … Hence, having few number of children, monogamy and improvement in the standard of living are the solutions to the resultant effects of population explosion in Nigeria.

Why is there overpopulation in Nigeria?

Here are the factors that stimulate overpopulation: Low level of education in family planning and increased birth rate. … They have almost no knowledge about family planning. People get their children married at the very early age, as a tribute to the traditions.

What are the causes of high population growth in Nigeria?

Population of Nigeria is increasing rapidly. Rapidly increasing population may result due to the effect of three important factors. They are birth rate, death rate and higher net migration. Migration has played a negligible role in Nigerian population increase.

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