Question: Is maize farming profitable in Ghana?

Despite the above economic benefits of maize production, yield in Ghana’s maize farms is one of the lowest worldwide. According to reports from IFPRI and MOFA, current yields in Ghana stand at 1.73 metric ton/ha and 1.92 metric ton/ha respectively [3], [18], [27].

How many bags of maize can 1 acre produce?

How many bags of maize should a farmer expect to harvest per acre after planting PAN variety of maize seed? The answer is 30 bags/acre if you use zai pits (according to an article by John Njue Njiru on…)

Which farming is most profitable in Ghana?

  1. Poultry. Poultry farming is one of the most profitable livestock farming business in Ghana. …
  2. Cattle. Although capital and labour intensive, cattle farming is very profitable. …
  3. Fish Farming. …
  4. Pig Farming. …
  5. Goat Farming. …
  6. Snail Farming. …
  7. Rabbit Farming. …
  8. Duck Farming.
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What is the price of a bag of maize in Ghana?

The average price for a bag of maize gained 3.74% to close the month at GHS 138.86. The highest price of GHS 203.00 was recorded at Takoradi. The lowest price of GHS 95.00 was recorded at Bawku. The average price for a bag of local rice gained 1.49% to close the month at GHS 329.86.

How much does it cost to start a farm in Ghana?

Initial start up costs for the land and associated costs was ¢240,000 ($60,000). Initial costs went into land and administrative costs.

How many bags of maize can 1 hectare produce?

A farmer who buys 10 kg of medium maturing maize seed at K260 may only produce 9.5 metric tonnes of maize per hectare which is 190 by 50 kg bags as compared to the farmer who plants 10 kg of late maturing seed at K760 with potential harvest of 14 metric tonnes or 280 bags of maize per hectare under good management.

How much does it cost to grow 1 acre of corn?

In the corn divisions, depending upon year, the average maximum and minimum cost per acre is $215 to $260 in the cash grain division, and $187 to $234 in the dairy and livestock division (Table 1).

What is Ghana’s main cash crop?

Cocoa is its leading cash crop, and 59% of the country’s work force involves agriculture in some way. This country is Ghana, Africa.

How much is a kilo of pig in Ghana 2020?

Presently, going price for live weight is GH8-12 per kilo and carcass weight of Gh14. 5-20 per kilo depending on your location.

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How can I start a farm in Ghana?

  1. 1 How to Start a Lucrative Farming Business in Ghana. 1.1 Make Your Research. 1.2 Write a Business Plan. 1.3 Choose your Crops or Livestock. 1.4 Acquire a Land. 1.5 Register your Farm Business. 1.6 Hire Farm Labour. 1.7 Start Your Farm. 1.8 Market and Sell Your Products.
  2. 2 Conclusion.

How many kg is a bag of maize in Ghana?

Price and Production of Maize in Ashanti Region Prices of Maize (Bag of 100 kg) in GH¢ Production of Maize (Metric Tons)

How many kg is a bag of maize?

White Maize Corn, Packaging: 50 kg/bag.

How much does a bag of maize weigh in Ghana?

The introduction of the new measure which resulted in a 23Kg gain on each bag sold resulted in extra incomes (15%) for producers. However, few institutions operating in the municipalities purchased maize with a standardized weight of 50Kg.

How much money do I need to start a poultry farm in Ghana?

The cost of starting a poultry farm varies with the number of chicken that a farmer intends to rear. For example, the first cycle for 500 broiler chickens will cost an average of 10,000 GHS with the figure expected to go down in the subsequent cycles. For layers, it costs around 55,000 GHS.

How much does it cost to start a small chicken farm?

Generally speaking, it will cost you anywhere between 5,000 and 25,000 dollars to begin a small scale business in the poultry industry, and this includes the costs of your employees’ salaries for the first three months of operation.

How do farmers get rich?

Farmers make money by selling consumer products to distributors that bring these products to grocery and retail stores. Farmers have large upfront costs, but if you own the land and assets, you can live off of the income forever.

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