Question: How profitable is rubber farming in Nigeria?

Majority (82.3%) of the respondents were male and 86.46% were married, while 92.7 % of the farmers used hired labour while the average farm size was 3.8 hectares The result of the budgetary analysis indicated that rubber production was profitable in the study area with a gross margin and net farm income of ₦162, 000 …

How can I start rubber plantation in Nigeria?


  1. It starts with acquiring a land,
  2. clearing/preparing the land for planting.
  3. Purchasing of seedlings and fertilizer.
  4. Cultivating the seedlings and observing proper agricultural maintenance.
  5. Finally, harvesting your produce and smiling to the bank.

Is rubber tree a good investment?

RUBBER PLANTATION IS A GOOD INVESTMENT FOR RETIREMENT. Natural rubber is the most essential raw material for rubber products and tyre manufacturers in the world because it has no alternative material. … A matured rubber tree from 6th year can produce 1500kg/ha/yr of fresh latex.

How many rubber plants are there in 1 acre?

With trees cultivated at a density of 375 to 450 per hectare (150 to 200 per acre), approximately from hybrid verity rubber 3,500 to 4,500 kilograms of rubber can be produced per hectare per year (that is, approximately ).

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How much rubber does tree produce?

An average rubber tree yields 19 pounds of rubber latex annually, and it requires 700,000 rubber trees to supply Alliance each year with natural rubber. Trees are six years old before tapping for rubber begins and they may be tapped for up to 28 years.

Is rubber planted in Nigeria?

Natural rubber is a vital agricultural commodity in Nigeria. The Federal Department of Agriculture first planted its rubber plot in 1906, and in between 1909 and 1917 about 2,160 ha of rubber trees were planted in Nigeria. … Natural rubber production in Nigeria is about 53,000 tonnes in 2017.

Is rubber tree business profitable?

Yes, why not. “A five to six-year old rubber will provide a rubber farmer an income of Ten thousand eight hundred pesos (P10,800.00) per month or an annual income of One hundred eight thousand pesos (P108,000.00)”, Dr. Cena further disclosed. As the trees grows older, the yield also increases, hence higher income.

How much is the rubber per kilo in the Philippines?

Rubber Monthly Price – Philippine Peso per Kilogram

Month Price Change
Nov 2019 78.10 6.00 %
Dec 2019 84.27 7.89 %
Jan 2020 85.40 1.35 %
Feb 2020 81.72 -4.31 %

How do I invest in rubber?

A single trader can buy the shares of companies that work in the rubber industry or trade rubber commodities on the futures market.

  1. Trading Futures. This is one direct way in which local investors can gain exposure to rubber products. …
  2. Regional Exchange. …
  3. Buying Into Stocks. …
  4. ETF Exposure.
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How long do rubber plants live?

The plants live for hundreds of years, but take 7 years to be harvested for the first time. After those 7 years, it will produce sap for rubber for about 30 years or so.

Which state is famous for rubber cultivation?

Production of Natural Rubber

State-wise production of NR (Tonne)
Kerala 438630 490460
Tamil Nadu 19495 21500
Traditional Total 458125 511960
Tripura 44245 53050

Which is the largest rubber producing country?

Asia is the largest hub for natural rubber production in the world (90 percent of the total global production). The top three producer countries are Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, which together account for about 70 percent of the total natural rubber production globally.

How much money do rubber tappers make?

Improved transport spurs greater investments by local industry, which benefits rubber tappers such as Barros. “Today a producer earns as much as $35 a day. Up until the 1990s, people were earning only $38 a month.”

How long does it take a rubber tree to grow?

That means you can harvest latex for 28 years. After that, it is best to make a new plantation.

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How many years a rubber tree can tap?

A rubber tree, also referred to as rubberwood, can be tapped for latex once it reaches approximately six years of age.

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