Question: How much is GOtv jolli subscription in Nigeria?

The GoTV Jolli subscription costs 2,460 Naira per month and 29,520 per year.

How much is GOtv jolli now?

GoTv Jolli Price in Nigeria

Jolli subscription cost 2460 Naira per month and you get access to 69 channels which include 2 audio stations.

How much is GOtv Max and jolli?

The new price of a GOtv decoder in Nigeria is NGN 9,100. When you buy a GOtv decoder for NGN 9,100, you enjoy a 1-month free GOtv Max Subscription Plan. That is, you get a free GOtv Decoder + GOtenna + One Month’s GOtv Max Subscription for Just NGN 9,100 in Nigeria.

Which package is GOtv jolli?

GOTV JOLLI SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE (OVER 68 INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL CHANNELS @ N2,400 PER MONTH ) A brand selection of local and international channels across all genres, with a special emphasis on movies, sports and kids.

How much is GOtv monthly subscription?

GoTv Jinja Package, which costs 1640 Naira per month, offers 57 General Entertainment Channels with 15 Local. GoTv Monthly Smallie Package which costs 800 Naira for three months offers 36 General Entertainment Channels with 21 Local Channels.

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Which GOtv package is the best?

GoTV Max – 3,600 Naira per month

GoTV MAX as you might have correctly guessed is the highest GoTV package available. This package contains all the GoTV channels.

How many channels is in GOtv jolli?

GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable, unmissable viewing across 69+ channels, with flexible payment options so you save without compromising on entertainment.

How much is GOtv 2021?

Chart Explanation:

GoTv Max ₦ 3,600.00 Per Month
GoTv Jolli ₦2,460.00Per Month
GoTv Jinja ₦ 1640.00 Per Month
GoTv Smallie ₦ 800.00Per month

What is GOtv smallie yearly?

GOtv Smallie-Annual is a one stop digital TV solution for which you pay an annual admin fee.

How much is startime in Nigeria?

Startimes Packages: Price and Channels 2021

Basic: 1700 Naira. Nova: 900 Naira. Chinese: 6600 Naira. Super: 4200 Naira.

Does GOtv jolli show ultimate love?

How to View Ultimate Love on GOtv. For users of GOtv, the channel to tune in to is Channel 29, only available to GOtv Jolli and GOtv. … This is the channel where all activities involving ultimate love 2020 reality TV show will be broadcast live from Lagos, Nigeria, 24/7.

What are the current GOtv packages?

GOtv Nigeria: all the available GOtv packages

  • 2 documentary channels, such as Discovery Family and Nat Geo Wild.
  • 1 for lifestyle and culture: Spice TV.
  • 6 ones with sport, such as SuperSport (Blitz, Select 1, Select 2, Select 3, Select 4, Select 5)
  • 4 ones for children, such as Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, JimJam, PBS Kids.


How much is GOtv Lite monthly?

GOtv Lite is currently the cheapest GOtv bouquet in terms of price and offers up to 18 GOtv Channels which comprises of 14 general entertainment channels and 4 local channels at a very cheap subscription price of four hundred Naira (N400) per month.

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How much is GOtv yearly subscription?

GOtv Kenya Packages & Prices 2021

Package Number of Channels Price Ksh Monthly
GOtv Plus 40 749.00
GOtv Value 23 499.00
GOtv Lite (Monthly) 17 260.00
GOtv Lite (annual) 15 1500.00

How much do I pay for GOtv?

The current market price for a GOtv decoder and antenna is Ksh. 2,999. The starter kit will gift you with one month free GOtv Plus subscription. The joy will however come up when you first subscribe because you will be able to access forty local and international channels.

Does GOtv have free channels?

GoTv is a subscription based service hence it is impossible to watch gotv channels for free. They have various packages with prices proportional to the the number of channels you get but are slightly less expensive than dstv.

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