Question: How much is BlackBerry in Nigeria?

Latest Blackberry Phone Price
BlackBerry DTEK60 (32GB + 4GB RAM) ₦ 160,000
BlackBerry KEYone 4.5-Inch IPS (3GB, 32GB ROM) Android 7.1 Nougat, 12MP + 8MP 4G ₦ 162,999
BlackBerry Motion (4GB, 32GB ROM) Android 7.1 Nougat, 12MP + 8MP 4G ₦ 180,500

How much is BlackBerry evolve in Nigeria?

The smartphone costs about 185, 000 Naira or more depending on your location and the deal from the vendor.

Is BlackBerry worth buying in 2020?

Cuz blackberry is only giving support until 2020 and I just realized that the android version is the Oreo. Thanks! Unless you’re one of the types that obsesses over the “hot and latest” specs for a phone. It’s totally worth buying if it suits your needs.

How much is BlackBerry curve in Nigeria?

BlackBerry Curve 9320 Price in Nigeria ranges from 16,500 Naira to 32,000 Naira depending on your location.

How much is BlackBerry key one in Nigeria?

Pricing and availability

When available, you can buy the smartphone at leading online stores in the countries. BlackBerry KeyOne Price in Nigeria is expected to range from 195,000 Naira to 300,000 Naira depending on your location in the country.

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What is BlackBerry latest phone?

BlackBerry’s latest mobile launch is the KEY2 LE. The smartphone was launched in August 2018. The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1620 pixels at a PPI of 434 pixels per inch.

Which BlackBerry phones are Android?

Android devices:

  • BlackBerry Evolve X (2018)
  • BlackBerry Evolve (2018)
  • BlackBerry Key2 (2018)
  • BlackBerry Motion (2017)
  • BlackBerry Aurora (2017)
  • BlackBerry KeyOne (2017)
  • BlackBerry DTEK60 (2016)
  • BlackBerry DTEK50 (2016)

Is BlackBerry better than iPhone?

A product that has both grown and excelled in the handheld telecommunications market, the BlackBerry remains better oriented for business and its easy typing process remains the key detractor keeping many businesspeople away from Apple’s iPhone, especially those more experienced.

Why is BlackBerry so expensive?

First of all BlackBerry Phones are more Secure phones. So they can secure your privacy from hackers. … They are expensive because they are loaded with security and emails Features which others phone are lacking.

Is BlackBerry dead?

BlackBerry-branded phones from BlackBerry died in 2016 when the company quit the handset manufacturing business. BlackBerry stuck with its own in-house OSes for too long while the Android and iOS duopoly took over the world, and the company’s sales tanked.

How much is Z30 in Nigeria?

Pricing & Availability

BlackBerry Z30 price in Nigeria to range from N55,000 to N75,000.

How much is black berry Z10?

It is a full touch phone with a brilliant HD display and one of the best BlackBerry camera. You can now buy the BlackBerry Z10 in Nigeria. BlackBerry Z10 Price in Nigeria ranges from 36,400 Naira to 50,000 Naira depending on colour and where you buy from.

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How much is BB Q10?

BlackBerry Q10 price in Nigeria ranges from N46,500 to N80,000.

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