Question: How many Nigerians are active on Facebook?

AFRICA Population (2021 Est.) Facebook subscribers 31-DEC-2020
Nigeria 211,400,708 31,860,000
Reunion (FR) 901,686 608,000
Rwanda 13,276,513 806,200

How many Nigerian are on Facebook?

In 2025, the number of Facebook users in Nigeria is expected to reach 43.53 million, up from 27.46 million in 2020.

Number of Facebook users in Nigeria from 2017 to 2025 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of users in millions
2021* 30.95
2020 27.46
2019 23.5
2018 20.59

How many Nigerians are active on social media?

In 2020, the number of social media users in Nigeria reached roughly 28 million.

Which country has the highest Facebook users?

According to the latest data, the country with the most Facebook users in India with over 290 million active users, followed by the US (190 million), Indonesia (140 million), Brazil (130 million), and Mexico (89 million).

How many Facebook users are in Africa?

Each month, across Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 95 million people access Facebook, with 97% on mobile. And as the number of people on Facebook in the region continues to grow, we wanted to better understand people’s journeys of connectivity.

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Which African country uses Facebook the most?

Egypt 27 million

Egypt is the sixteenth most populous country in the world and is the country with the most Facebook users.

Which country has the highest Internet usage?

# Country or Region Internet Penetration
1 United States 69.9 %
2 China 9.4 %
3 Japan 67.2 %

Which social media is used the most?

Facebook remains the world’s most widely used social media platform, but there are now six social media platforms that claim more than one billion monthly active users each. Four of these six platforms are owned by Facebook. Facebook has 2.797 billion monthly active users.

How active is social media?

3.96 billion people use social media worldwide, according to platform reports on the current number of active users. 58.11% of the world’s population is active on social media when looking at eligible audiences aged 13+ years, rising to 82% in North America.

Which country has no Internet?

Countries with the most people lacking internet connection 2020. As of 2020, the country with largest offline population was India. The South Asian country has over 685 million people with who were without internet connection. China ranked second with 582 million people not connected to the internet.

What countries is Facebook banned in?

As of May 2016, the only countries to ban access around the clock to the social networking site are China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. However, since most North Korean residents have no access to the Internet, China and Iran are the only countries where access to Facebook is actively restricted in a wholesale manner.

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Which country uses TikTok the most?

Indonesia had the second largest user base during this period, with over 22 million monthly active users. Russia and Japan followed, with 16.4 million and 12.6 million monthly active users, respectively.

Number of TikTok users in selected countries in 2020 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of users in millions

Which country has the highest Internet usage in Africa?

As of December 2020, Nigeria had more than 154 million internet users – the highest number reported in all of Africa.

Is Facebook free in Nigeria?

Facebook has finally launched Free Basics in its biggest African market. Next stop, Nigeria. … Social network giant, Facebook, has launched its Free Basics service in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country—and its biggest market on the continent.

What percentage of Africa has electricity?

Current energy usage in Africa

Across the continent only 10% of individuals have access to the electrical grid, and of those, 75% come from the richest two quintiles in overall income. Less than 2% of the rural populations of Malawi, Ethiopia, Niger, and Chad have access to electrical power.

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