Question: How do you pronounce Mauritius kestrel?

Where do Mauritius kestrels live?

The Mauritius kestrel (Falco punctatus) is a bird of prey from the family Falconidae endemic to the forests of Mauritius, where it is restricted to the southwestern plateau’s forests, cliffs, and ravines. It is the most distinct of the Indian Ocean kestrels.

How a captive breeding Programme helped to conserve Mauritius kestrels in the wild?

Captive kestrels were fed on mice and small chicks and a few years later, between 1981 and 1986, as many as 13 birds, thrice as many as had been reported in 1974, had been recovered. … They have helped to increase the populations of all these bird species. The techniques were indeed very successful,” points out Dr. Zuel.

What food is Mauritius famous for?

Top 10 Most Popular Mauritian Dishes

  • Bol Renversé Alongside other famous Sino-Mauritian dishes is the Bol Renversé. …
  • Briyani. Biryani is a favorite of nearly every Mauritian and is one of the most famous dishes on the island. …
  • Dholl Puri & Roti. …
  • Gateau Piment. …
  • Mine Frite. …
  • Riz Frite. …
  • Rougaille. …
  • Vindaye.


What religion is in Mauritius?

Religious affiliation varies: about half of the population is Hindu, about one-third is Christian (the majority of whom are Roman Catholic), and—with the exception of a small group of Buddhists—the majority of the remainder are Muslims. Mauritius: Religious affiliation Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

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What does Kestrel mean?

: any of various small chiefly Old World falcons (genus Falco) that usually hover in the air while searching for prey: such as. a : a common Eurasian falcon (F. tinnunculus) b : an American falcon (F.

How many kestrels are there in Mauritius?

The Mauritius kestrel was once considered to be the rarest bird in the world with a wild population of only 4 known individuals in 1974.


What does a kestrel eat?

What do kestrels eat? The kestrel is a vole specialist, with the field vole accounting for the majority of its diet. It will also take mice and shrews, as well as small birds and occasionally worms and insects.

Is Kestrel endangered?

Least Concern (Population stable)

Is a kestrel a carnivore?

Since American kestrels are carnivores, toxic chemical runoff ingested by their prey can concentrate at high levels in their blood.

How does the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation help in protecting our endemic animals?

Our hands-on conservation projects are carried out in Mauritius including the offshore islets and Rodrigues. We work closely with local and international partners, with the long-term aim of recreating lost ecosystems by saving some of our rarest species from extinction and restoring the native forest.

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