Question: How do I change my child’s name on birth certificate in Kenya?

Section 14 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act provides that where the parent/guardian wish to alter the names of the child after registration they must make an application to the Registrar of births and deaths within two (2) years of birth.

How do I change my baby’s name on birth certificate?

Steps to change name in birth certificate:

  1. Step 1: Obtain ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ the municipal corporation office or gram panchayat where your child took birth.
  2. Step 2: Obtain an affidavit from local notary and approach the officer regarding change of name in the birth certificate.


Is it possible to remove father’s name from birth certificate in Kenya?

Unfortunately, the Births and Deaths Registration Act does not give clear direction on deleting the name of a parent on a birth certificate. Lastly, upon acquiring parental responsibility through marriage, you can add the child’s name to the list of dependents for medical cover.

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How do I correct my birth certificate in Kenya?

If you were born within Nairobi County, you can visit the Office of the Registration of Births and Deaths or visit the Huduma Centre. Here, you can present the notification slip, which simply validates your date of birth, and once validated, you can then fill a form (B1) and submit it to the civil registration officer.

Can I change my sons surname without dads permission?

A mother, or father, cannot change a child’s surname by herself or himself unless she or he is the only person with parental responsibility. … Any child who has sufficient legal understanding may apply in their own right for the Court’s permission to change their name.

Can you change a baby’s name once registered?

Under normal circumstances it is not possible to change the surname after registration, unless this is by the re-registration process. The only alternative will be to consult a solicitor and make a statutory declaration or deed poll changing the surname of the child.

How long do you have to change a babies name?

Many states allow for a name change within the first six to twelve months without needing one. That way no one ends up stuck with the legal name “Baby” because their parents hadn’t settled on a name before leaving the hospital.

Can a fathers name be removed from a birth certificate?

The father’s name can’t be removed from a child’s birth entry if he’s the biological father of the child. A father’s name can only be removed from a child’s birth entry if it has been established in court that he’s not the biological father of the child.

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What are the rights of a child born out of wedlock?

The fact a child is born out of wedlock is irrelevant to the father’s legal rights. Child births out of wedlock are common. California law does not permit the Family Court to base custody decisions on gender. Therefore, a father need not worry the mother has greater rights because she is the mother.

Can I apply birth certificate online in Kenya?

A child born in Kenya should be registered for a birth certificate immediately after birth or 6 months after. One can do so at eCitizen Portal, at Huduma Centre or at the District Birth and Death Registries.

How long does a birth certificate take in Kenya?

Payment of fee does not guarantee that a Duplicate Birth Certificate will be issued. The processing time is between 2-6 months.

Can I apply for passport without birth certificate in Kenya?


If you were born in Kenya but have never held a Kenyan passport or ID card or only have a recently issued Kenyan birth certificate, you cannot apply for a Kenyan passport or be issued a Travel Document by the Embassy.

How long does a mother have to be absent to lose rights?

If the parent has not exercised his or her parental rights in at least six months, that is also grounds to have parental rights terminated in California. California law provides several reasons that termination of parental rights may be appropriate. These include: Abandonment of the child.

What is a good reason to change my child’s last name?

Valid Reasons For Child Name Change

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Parents might change their mind about a newborn’s name after turning in the baby’s birth names. Your child might have a nickname that you all want instead of the legal name. Ofter, as parents marry, divorce or pass away, a child might need a different family name.

Can I change my child’s surname without the fathers consent UK?

If you have sole parental responsibility, you do not need anyone else’s consent to change your child’s name. If you have joint parental responsibility, you will need the consent of anyone else who has parental responsibility (usually the father) to change your child’s name.

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