Is Yam business profitable in Nigeria?

yam business is a profitable food business,that will make you millions of naira as the dry season approach. … Buying yams cheap in bulk of 100s from high yam producing states in Nigeria and selling them in consumption areas like Lagos,PH,Kano,Enugu,Bayelsa etc will make you profits at the end.

Is yam farming profitable in Nigeria?

Yam farming business is a profitable agribusiness venture which you can start on a medium to large scale. Nigeria is a major producer and consumer of yams, yet we have not sustained production to support exports on a large scale. profitable despite high production costs.

Where can I buy cheap yam in Nigeria?

Zaki Biam yam market opens to only yam sellers and buyers, and it has make the market the best place to buy yams at a very low cost. This is because a lot of the sellers are local cultivators of the crop.

How can I start yam farming business in Nigeria?

Easy Steps on How To Start Yam Farming In Nigeria

  1. Preparation of the Land/Soil. If you have a land, lets say one hectare; you would have to prepare the soil for planting the yam seeds. …
  2. Prepare your Setts properly. Proper preparation of setts is vital. …
  3. Plant the Yams. …
  4. Weeding. …
  5. Harvesting & sale of tubers.
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Which Yam is the best in Nigeria?

Below are the top states you can find quality yams:

  1. Zaki Biam yam market – Benue state. It is no exaggeration to say that the Zaki Biam market is the largest in the country, and maybe in Africa. …
  2. Wukari, Taraba. …
  3. Nasarawa state. …
  4. Adamawa.


How many months does it take yam to be harvested?

Depending on the variety, yams are harvested 6 to 12 months after planting. Lift the tubers when the leaves and stems turn yellow and dry. Do not leave the ripe tubers too long in the ground, otherwise they become bitter and may rot.

What is the best month to plant yam?

Yam is best planted between February and March in mounds or ridges by planting seed yams (pieces of tubers or completely small ones) preserved for the new planting season. However, in some localities especially in riverine areas, land preparation, clearing and burning of grasses, heaping and ridging are done earlier.

Which state produces yam in Nigeria?

Taraba is the top region by production of yam in Nigeria. As of 2005, production of yam in Taraba was 3,162 1000 metric tons that accounts for 12.89% of Nigeria’s production of yam. The top 5 regions (others are Benue, Niger, Enugu, and Kaduna) account for 50.55% of it.

Which month is best for planting yams in Nigeria?

Yam is best planted within the months of February and April when the rainy season is just beginning. These are the best periods for land preparation. After the bush had been cleared, make hips of loose soil of about one meter in height and one meters apart. Ridged bed types are also good for yam planting.

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What part of yam is used for planting?

With this practice, yam planting material is often a combination of cut tubers and whole tubers, and the cut portions are made up of setts from the head, middle and tail sections of the tuber.

How long does it take yam to grow in Nigeria?

Depending on the species, yam grows for six to ten months and is dormant for two to four months, these two phases usually corresponding to the wet season and the dry season. In West and Central Africa, tubers are planted between February and April, depending on the weather in the humid forest or on the savanna.

What is wild yam called in Nigeria?

Other common names for bitter yam include African bitter yam, wild yellow yam, trifoliate (three-leaved) yam and cluster yam. Bitter yam is known as ‘ji una’ or ‘ji ona’ in Ojoto and many Igbo speaking area in the south-eastern Nigeria, where it is regarded as food for the adult.

Who owns the biggest farm in Nigeria?

Rotimi Williams: 39-year-old Nigerian who owns 2nd largest rice farm in the country

  • – Rotimi Williams is making the country proud as his success in the agricultural sector has always been a reference point.
  • – The young man owns the second largest rice farm in Nigeria which is situated in Nasarawa.


Why are yams so important to the Igbo?

Yams are the essential crop within Umuofia; the yam is a crucial staple in the Igbo diet. The number of yams a man successfully grows indicates his wealth and rank within the society. … Yam stood for manliness, and he who could feed his family on yams from one harvest to another was a very great man indeed” (33).

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