Is there a diploma in law in Kenya?

Diploma in Law is offered by a number of universities and colleges in Kenya. The Kenya School of Law is also one of the best colleges to pursue the courses. Admission requirements are as follows: Mount Kenya University Diploma in Law Admission Requirements.

Where can I study diploma in law in Kenya?

Universities Offering Diploma in Law(Law)

  • Inoorero University School of Law, Nairobi. …
  • Mt. …
  • Egerton University Njoro Campus, Nakuru. …
  • International University of Professional Studies, Nairobi. …
  • Mt. …
  • Mount Kenya University School of Law, Thika. …
  • Kirinyaga university college town campus, Karatina. …
  • Riara University Law School, Nairobi.

Can I do diploma in law?

Degree law courses: Candidates can obtain either an integrated law degree (such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, BSc LLB, BCom LLB etc) after clearing Class 12th or a normal LLB degree after clearing graduation. … Diploma law courses: Candidates can pursue diploma courses at both UG and PG levels.

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Does Kenya School of Law offer diploma courses?

Kenya School of Law has various law courses but have recently introduced a Diploma in Law (PARALEGAL Studies) which train persons to serve in all fields of law and to instill professional preparedness and ethical commitment in the legal practice to persons serving at the Para-legal level.

What can one do with diploma in law?


  • Solicitor.
  • Arbitrator.
  • Barrister’s clerk.
  • Licensed conveyancer.
  • Paralegal.
  • Forensic computer analyst.
  • Human resources officer.
  • Mediator.

How many years is a diploma in law?

Diploma Programs in Law. A diploma is a program of study offered by many colleges and universities. Depending on the school, earning a diploma will usually take anywhere from one to two years.

How long does Diploma in Law take?

The minimum period of study for the diploma is two years, but this minimum period of study may be reduced to one year, depending on the number of modules a learner is credited with on the grounds of previous studies. The maximum period of study for the diploma is four years.

Is LLB course difficult?

LLB course, whether 5 year/3 year (5yr after plus two & 3 yr after degree) is not very difficult. Moreover, law being a social science subject is very easy for the interested. and much easier compared to the other professional courses like MBBS and Engineering. LLB can be both of 3 years and 5 years.

Which diploma law course is best?

Therefore, diploma law courses are an ideal option for law aspirants look to jumpstart their career in the field of law.

  • Diploma in Criminal Law.
  • Diploma in Business Law.
  • Diploma in Corporate Laws & Management.
  • Diploma in Co-operative Law.
  • Diploma in Cyber Law.
  • Diploma in Criminology.
  • Diploma in Human Rights.
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Which LLB course is best?

3 Year LLB or 5 Year Integrated LLB – Which is Better

If you are certain that you want to make a career in law, then the 5-year LLB programme is the best option for you. This course will not only save one year of education as compared to 3-year LLB programmes but will also offer the same educational merit.

How long does a law course take in Kenya?

The Bachelor of Laws programme lasts for a minimum period of FOUR (4) academic years comprising EIGHT (8) semesters of full-time attendance of lectures offered by the School of Law.

How much does it cost to study law in Kenya?

The tuition fee per subject is 7,500 Ksh. As there are four subjects, the total amount that will have to be paid – is 30,000 Ksh. Examination per unit Course costs 3,000 Ksh. As there are four examinations during the first year, the total amount of payment is 12,000 Ksh.

What subjects do I need to study law in Kenya?

  • Mean grade of C plus in KCSE with at least B plain in either English or Kiswahili;
  • At least three principal passes in the Kenya Advanced Certificate for Education Examination;
  • A degree from recognised university;
  • A credit pass in a diploma in law examination from an accredited institution.

Is a Graduate Diploma in Law worth it?

One of the most significant advantages of taking the GDL route into a legal career is that you have greater freedom over your choice of degree. GDL students often have their first degrees in a diverse range of subjects, including the humanities and sciences.

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What field of law is most in demand?

Highest Client Growth Rates by Practice Area

  • Family Law: +2450% (YoY) (Top growth area: Alimony) …
  • Consumer Law: +2295% (YoY) …
  • Insurance: +2190% (YoY) …
  • Criminal Law: +1680% (YoY) …
  • Civil Rights: +1160% (YoY) …
  • Personal Injury: +660% (YoY) …
  • Estate Planning: +330% (YoY) …
  • Bankruptcy: +280% (YoY)


How many modules are required for Diploma in Law?

This course comprises 10 modules and is presented over 3 years through limited contact. Students are assessed twice in each module by means of assignments. Students must obtain at least an average of 40% for both the assignments in each module in order to gain admission to the examination of that module.

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