Is piggery a good business in Uganda?

Piggery is a lucrative venture to get into. … If you’ve been searching for a lucrative business to venture into, piggery should be your choice. Ronald Tayebwa, a resident of Katulaga Village-Nsangi Sub County in Wakiso District, is one of the beneficiaries of the National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS).

How profitable is piggery in Uganda?

“A single piglet, which costs between UGX 50,000 and 100,000, can reach a market value of up to UGX 700,000 in six to eight months” explained Alias Ndyabahika, LWF’s Livelihoods Officer in Luuka. “Pigs also multiply really fast.

Is piggery farming profitable?

Farmers can make up to Ug Shs600,000 net profit in seven months from one pig by following a simple commercial exclusive feeding routine and other management practices.

How much does it cost to start a piggery business?

A young starter pig can cost around 1,600 to 2,000 Pesos. It will take approximately three months of feedings before the pig can be sold. The second approach is by breeding the pigs. You will have to acquire the sow which usually costs around 12,000 Pesos.

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How much does it cost to raise a pig in Uganda?

Weaned pigs at 15 kg will cost around 25,000 shillings and a 70 kg meat pig can raise about 150,000 shillings.

How much does a pig eat in 6 months in Uganda?

At 2-3 months, a pig should eat one kilogram a day. At 3-4 months, a pig should at least be given 1.5kg a day. At 4-5 months, a pig should be given 2kgs a day. At 5-7 months, a pig should eat 2.5kgs a day and above 7 months, a pig should eat 3kgs a day.

How much does a pig eat in 6 months?

Since feed is going to be your biggest expense, we’ll start there. How much feed is it going to take to get those feeder pigs up to weight at 6 months? A pig will eat around 800 pounds of feed from weaning until 6 months old.

Which agriculture is most profitable?

Here are the Most Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas:

  • Agricultural Farm. …
  • 10 Most Profitable Livestock Farming Business Ideas.
  • Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer Production. …
  • Dried Flower Business. …
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business. …
  • Organic Farm Green House. …
  • Poultry Farming. …
  • Mushroom Farming Business.

How much does it cost to start a piggery business in Uganda?

Scale of Investment

Capital Investment Requirements in USD
Piglets No 1,250
Piggery Shade No 10,000
Feeding Troughs 300
Total 11,900

How much does a big pig cost?

Finished hanging weight was approximately 150 pounds per pig, which means about $2.50 per pound hanging weight. Local farms charge $4 per pound hanging weight, and then charge the buyer for slaughtering and butchering fees on top of that. The same pig, purchased from a local farm would have cost around $600.

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How do I start a small piggery business?

How to Start a Piggery Business in the Philippines

  1. Know the risks. It is important to know the inherent risks in your investment in raising pigs before thinking about the profit you will rake in. …
  2. Determine your set up. …
  3. Submit the business requirements. …
  4. Adhere to the location requirements. …
  5. Provide comfortable housing and feeding schedule.

How much money can you make raising pigs?

For most owners, a $5-7 profit/hog long-term is a solid return. “If you can’t make it on $5-7/hog, you need to either find an exit strategy or raise more pigs,” says Hargis. Ninety percent of the producers on the SCMS wean-to-market program sell their hogs when prices hit a designated target price.

How much should I sell my pig for?

Market pigs sell for between $2.00 and $4.00 a pound with an average price of $3.50 per pound.

How many kgs does a pig eat in 6 months?

A pig will eat 0.5kg of food per day for every month it is old, until it hits 6 months. Then it’ll eat 3kg a day forever.

How much is a kilo of pork in Uganda?

A kilogram of pork averages Shs15, 000 across the country.

How do you make a pig pen not smell?

The odorless hog pen is made by digging a pit of one meter in depth and filling it with waste rice hulls or sawdust mixed with soil. The oderless hog pen is made by digging a pit of one meter in depth and filling it with waste rice hulls or sawdust mixed with soil. The pigs are raised on this bed.

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