Is ORFI marriage legal in Egypt?

In Egypt, Marriage is of two kinds: #1-ORFI … … This contract is, in fact, a “Civil marriage or Common law Marriage known in Egypt as Orfi Marriage. It is a Legal Binding Contract, and so should be written up and discussed at a Trusted Lawyers Office, and requires Only Id, and 2 Witnesses.

What is ORFI contract?

Now, there is something called Orfi. It is a contract which can be purchased from a lawyer. It needs 2 witnesses and is a very loose “contract” of marriage and not considered official or “real”. Even this contract is not a guarantee that all hotels or flat owners will allow you to stay.

What is a customary marriage in Egypt?

Customary marriage means a marriage which is not officially registered. People often ask about the judgement concerning it and whether it is permitted and sound in the Shari’a or not. … … Some formalities must be complied with in the case of marriage of an Egyptian Muslim man and a non-Muslim or a foreign woman.

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Can foreigners get married in Egypt?

The only legal marriage for foreigners in Egypt is a civil ceremony performed at the local marriage court, which is in accordance with Islamic practice. Persons wishing a religious ceremony may arrange for one separately, but it is the civil ceremony that establishes the legal marriage.

Egypt is among Arab countries that allow Muslim men to marry more than one wife. … Egypt’s laws are said to be sharia-based, which means that they must conform to Islamic law. Nonetheless, Islam restricts polygamy by making it necessary for men who have more than one wife to treat each wife fairly and on equal footing.

Where can unmarried couples stay in Egypt?

it depends on your nationality, unmarried Egyptian couples are not allowed in hotels, however westerners are, also you can find a studio or a small flat in neighborhoods where westerners are often seen such as Zamalek, Maadi, Garden City, etc.

Can I stay with my Egyptian boyfriend?

gingerqueen, there are no laws against anybody living with a partner in Egypt, as long as they live in their own apartment (hotel rooms are forbidden), no one will knock the door and ask you to show any papers.

How do you end an ORFI marriage?

There are three ways to get out of the Orfi contract:

  1. Husband can make any divorce offical by a notary.
  2. Nullify the contract if both sides agree. …
  3. Wife Files a case in court with her Origional Orfi contract if the husband refuse to divorce or the husband disappears.
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What is Shari nikkah?

Nikah ‘urfi (Arabic: نكاح العرفي‎) is a “customary” Sunni Muslim marriage contract that requires a walī (guardian) and witnesses but not to be officially registered with state authorities.

How do I get a divorce in Egypt?

In Egypt, spouses can apply for a divorce with both parties agreeing to the dissolution of their union. The law gives the husband an unconditional right to apply for divorce. The husband can divorce his wife unilaterally without her consent at any time, without giving any reasons according to Egyptian laws.

How many wives can you have in Egypt?

Egyptian law, based on the Koran, allows a man to have four wives.

» The legal age of marriage regis- tration in Egypt is set at 18 years. Yet, without criminalizing the perpetrators, girls are still get- ting married without registering or reporting their marriages, or registering their children born out of these marriages.

Can you get married in Egypt?

Marriage in Egypt is legal only if it is a civil ceremony performed at a local marriage court. You can have a religious ceremony later.

What languages are spoken in Egypt today?

Languages of Egypt
Official Literary Arabic
Vernacular Egyptian Arabic (68%) (de facto lingua franca)
Minority Sa’idi Arabic (29%) Bedouin Arabic (1.6%) Sudanese Arabic (0.6%) Domari (0.3%) Nobiin (0.3%) Beja (0.1%) Siwi Coptic (for Coptic Christian rituals and spoken, colloquially, by some Copts)

Did ancient Egypt have the wheel?

Ancient Egyptians didn’t have the wheel when they built the pyramids; they only had stone and copper tools. … Since the first Egyptian pyramids were built about 5,000 years ago, we can’t ask any of the builders how they did it, and they didn’t leave any plans saying how they built the pyramids.

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Polygamy is the act or condition of a person marrying another person while still being lawfully married to another spouse. It is illegal in the United States. The crime is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both, according to the law of the individual state and the circumstances of the offense.

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