Is Guinness made in Nigeria?

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African farmers have a long tradition of brewing the grain, so the product is well suited to the African palate. At 7.5 percent alcohol by volume, it also boasts higher alcohol content compared to the roughly 4-5 percent found in Guinness draught and Guinness Extra Stout.

What Guinness is brewed in Nigeria?

The first bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout in Nigeria was brewed on the 30th of November 1963, three years after Nigeria’s independence – opening up opportunities for the overseas Guinness Foreign Extra Stout brewing in other parts of the world.

Where is Guinness manufactured?

Guinness (/ˈɡɪnɪs/) is an Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. It is one of the most successful alcohol brands worldwide, brewed in almost 50 countries, and available in over 120.

Where is Guinness Foreign Extra brewed?

Still brewed at our St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, Guinness Original is crafted from finest quality malt, hops and Irish barley.

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What does Guinness do to the body?


Soluble fibre of the sort found in Guinness has other benefits besides digestion. Studies have shown that the substance can actually help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol in the body. In addition, soluble fibre can help balance both blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Which country sells the most Guinness?

The most GUINNESS is sold in Great Britain, followed by Ireland, Nigeria, United States of America and Cameroon.

How old is Malta Guinness in Nigeria?

Malta Guinness is Africa’s leading non-alcoholic, adult, premium soft drink, produced by Diageo. It was launched in Cameroon in 1984.

Does Guinness own Johnnie Walker?

The Company now has exclusive distribution rights to Diageo’s iconic brands in Nigeria including Baileys, Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray, Ciroc and the Johnnie Walker range.

How strong is Nigerian Guinness?

Still 7.5% by volume but less flavour!

Is Guinness owned by Heineken?

Nowadays it is part of the Heineken corporation who bought it from Guinness. Cruzcampo can be found anywhere in Spain, but it is in Andalusia where it is most consumed.

Is Guinness better in Ireland?

An international taste study found that Guinness does, in fact, taste better in its homeland of Ireland. Thousands of bars worldwide claim they serve the best pint of Guinness in the world, but the majority of beer drinkers agree that Guinness simply tastes better in Ireland. Now there is scientific proof.

What do the Irish call Guinness?

“Pint of Gat”

Irish words: A pint of gat. A “pint of Gat” is another name for Guinness.

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What is the strongest Guinness?

The strongest beer ever sold is “The End of History”, which was brewed by BrewDog in Fraserburgh, Scotland and has an alcohol volume of 55%.

Which Guinness beer is the best?

Guinness West Indies Porter won both Ireland’s and World’s Best Strong Porter. Hop House 13 was named Ireland’s Best International Lager. Pure Brew was named Ireland’s best low alcohol. Guinness Rye Pale Ale was named Ireland’s Best Rye Beer.

What’s the difference between Guinness and Guinness Extra Stout?

Guinness Extra Stout is a very different drink than Guinness Draught. It is bubbly due to the carbonation, whereas the Draught is not. Guinness says that the Extra Stout is brewed from the finest quality malt, Irish barley, and hops.

Guinness Extra Stout vs Draught.

Guinness Extra Stout Guinness Draught
– Higher alcohol content – Lower alcohol content
Across the Sahara