Is Busaa legal in Kenya?

Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Bhoke left ribs cracking in court on Thursday, January 28 after she ruled that Busaa was a traditional brew and not illegal. … The sale of illicit brew has seen many arraigned in court in Kenya. The government has cracked down on persons engaging in the business.

Is Busaa an alcohol?

In Kenya, the two most common traditional brews are chang’aa, which refers to distilled spirits, and busaa, a cereal-based fermented beer.

Is Changaa illegal in Kenya?

Regulation. After being illegal in Kenya for many years, the Kenyan government legalised the traditional home-brewed spirit in 2010, in an effort to take business away from establishments where toxic chemicals are added to the brew to make it stronger.

Why is Changaa illegal in Kenya?

Kenya’s president has signed into law a bill which legalises the traditional home-brewed spirit changaa. The Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill is partly intended to stop people from dying after drinking adulterated moonshine. Changaa is normally made from millet or maize. …

Brewing and drinking muratina during traditional ceremonies is not illegal, a court has ruled. … In Kenya, the fight against alcoholism especially in Kiambu county has seen many a chang’aa den raided and dozens of vats of the brew poured in a bid to keep the masses sober.

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Which alcohol has the highest percentage in Kenya?

A cassis-flavoured ,extra-strong absinthe from haspburg brand. juicy with notes of blackcurrant joiningthe intense herbal flavour has an alcohol content of 89.9 % and comes in 500ml which costs ksh 4,500 at dial a drink kenya.

What is the percentage of alcohol in Changaa?

At the same time, alcohol strength in most of the chang’aa is up to 86 per cent compared to the recommended 35-57 per cent alcohol content by volume. This is despite the Government campaign to rid the country of high strength licit spirits in 2015, banning more than 367 second generation alcoholic brands.

What is Changaa made of?

Made from distilled maize and millet, but sometimes adulterated with acid and even petrol, chang’aa is the highly potent brew that is destroying Kenya. In Kenya its nickname is “kill me fast”.

What is Muratina made of?

Brewers—who have learned the art of making muratina from years of watching elders—combine boiled, sun-dried fruit with water and sugarcane juice (and sometimes honey), then allow the mixture to ferment over several days.

Chang’aa now legal but must be bottled – The Standard.

How is Changaa brewing?

Changaa is often brewed in rivers contaminated with sewage. … In 2010, an estimated 100 people died after drinking changaa. A shot of changaa can cost as little as 5 Kenyan shillings ($0.01), and provides a long high. Jet fuel and embalming fluid are often used to speed up the fermentation process.

Does Muratina expire?

After boiling they are removed from the water and sun dried again. They are then added to a small amount of sugar cane juice or honey and kept in a warm place. If there is no wood to sustain a continuous fire, the muratina can be left in the sun during the day.


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