Is BTC legal in Nigeria?

Bitcoin is legal in Nigeria, but the Nigerian SEC, or Securities and Exchange Commission, warned citizens about cryptocurrency investments being risky and sometimes even fraudulent. … Crypto assets are a high-risk investment. You should consider whether you understand the possibility of losing money due to leverage.

Is Bitcoin illegal in Nigeria?

The CBN stated in the Press Release that cryptocurrencies are issued by unregulated and unlicensed entities and as such, the use of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria contravened existing law as they are not legal tender.

Is Bitcoin legit in Nigeria?

Nigeria — the world’s second-largest Bitcoin market after the United States — has banned the trading of cryptocurrencies. … Last Friday, the CBN instructed commercial banks and other financial institutions to close accounts involved in transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges.

In Nigeria, digital assets are not legal tender neither are they grouped as shares or Securities and presently, there are no rules or laws on how to buy BTC and trade digital assets. The central bank of Nigeria doesn’t even acknowledge digital assets as a legitimate tender.

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Why is Bitcoin banned in Nigeria?

People believe that the ban is related to last year’s End SARS protests. The protest funds were donated via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after the government restricted bank accounts that were related to the protest. The Nigerian authorities also think that digital assets could be utilized to finance terrorism.

How much is $200 BTC to naira?

200 bitcoins to nigerian naira according to the foreign exchange rate for today. You have just converted two hundred bitcoins to nigerian naira according to the recent foreign exchange rate 15,450,556.77902622. For two hundred bitcoins you get today 3,090,111,355 naira 80 kobo.

Is there any Bitcoin ATM in Nigeria?

Africa’s largest country has welcomed its first Bitcoin ATM. … Blockstale BTM, the company that installed the ATM in the Dazey Lounge and Bar in Lagos state, plans to launch more than 30 more terminals across Nigeria.

Why Bitcoin Is Successful In Nigeria

Bitcoin’s decentralized features, its ability to furnish cheaper and faster transactions and its rising value ultimately turned the attention of many Nigerians to it, so that in a 2020 COVID-19 halted world, Bitcoin had finally found a home in Nigeria.

How do I transfer Bitcoin to my bank account in Nigeria?

To withdraw bitcoin into your bank account, simply rush to the home page and click on “More” under your BTC balance. Click on an option termed “Instant Sell”, put in the amount you want to sell in naira or in BTC, and confirm the amount. After confirming the amount you continue.

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How do I cash out Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Tap on “Wallet” for di bottom bar. Select choose a currency and select “Withdraw”. Put di amount you want to withdraw and your bank account number and tap “Next”. Check di information and confirm.

Where can I sell my bitcoin in Nigeria?

Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

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Can I buy Bitcoin from Coinbase in Nigeria?

Nigeria is currently not supported by Coinbase, meaning Nigerian users are unable to access the exchange. … However, anyone can use Coinbase Wallet which enables the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. You just won’t be able to buy, sell, or convert from one crypto to another on Coinbase.

How can I sell my bitcoin in Nigeria?

How to sell bitcoins in Nigeria

  1. Log into your BFX account on and click on New Transaction. ( Please transact only during business hours: 9 – 5.30PM, Monday – Friday)
  2. Choose BTC in the “You sell” field and NGN in the “Recipient gets” field.

Can I still withdraw from Luno in Nigeria?

1) Store and trade your cryptocurrency with Luno until the situation is resolved. You can continue to use all your account features as normal, with the exception of depositing and withdrawing Naira.

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Has Nigeria lifted Cryptocurrency ban?

The Securities and Exchange Commission acknowledged that a recent ban by the bank had disrupted Nigeria’s digital currency industry, while pledging support to promote innovation in the nascent industry. Nigeria is the world’s second largest peer-to-peer digital currency market and the leader in Africa.

Can I withdraw from Luno in Nigeria?

Can I still trade using the Luno platform and exchange? Yes. The latest circular from CBN is aimed at stopping banks from engaging with cryptocurrency providers. This currently only prevents Nigerian customers from depositing and withdrawing.

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