Is 9 Mobile a Nigerian company?

Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Ltd. (EMTS), trading as ‘9mobile, is a Nigerian private limited liability company.

Which country owns 9mobile?

Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), trading as 9mobile, is a proudly Nigerian private limited liability company empowered by a Unified Access Service License from the Federal Government of Nigeria in March 2007 to provide a broad range of telecommunication services nationwide across the voice, …

Who is the owner of Etisalat network in Nigeria?

Steven E Evans, CEO, Etisalat Nigeria.

Which network is 9 Mobile?

9Mobile is a Nigerian telecommunications company that provides wireless mobile services. It is the country’s 4th mobile operator after Airtel (originally ECONET Wireless), MTN, and Globacom. It is also the smalllest of the four.

How many Nigerian subscribers does 9mobile have?

% Market Share (GSM)

March 2021 Airtel 9mobile
Subscribers 51,433,333 12,772,889
Percentage(%) 26.20% 6.70%

How old is Etisalat in Nigeria?

Incorporated in Nigeria as a private company, it acquired the Unified Access License from the Federal Government in January 2007. The license includes a mobile license and spectrum in the GSM 1800 and 900 MHz bands. Etisalat acquired a 40% stake in EMTS and is now the operator of the Unified Access License..

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Who bought 9mobile Nigeria?

9Mobile was sold in late 2018, despite some controversies and intrigues, to a new investor: Teleology Nigeria. That acquisition has somewhat restored balance at the company’s top management. Bloomberg reported in November 2018 that Teleology had started repaying the previous loan starting with a $251 million payment.

Who is the owner of MTN?

Ralph Mupita (Sep 1, 2020–)

Who owns Glo Nigeria?

Conpetro Nigeria Ltd.

Who is the CEO of 9mobile Nigeria?

Alan Sinfield (Jun 1, 2020–)

How much is 9 Mobile router?

9Mobile 4G LTE MiFi: It is a 4G LTE WiFi-modem that costs #18,800.

How much is MTN MiFi in Nigeria?

MTN MIfi cost N12,000 with free 30GB data (valid for 30 days) upon purchase and activation. After activation of the MiFi, you will get a 100% bonus on data bundles below N5000 purchased for 6 months.

How can I recharge my 9 Mobile?

One more method is to recharge the phone with the help of your bank account. To do this dial *737*amount# and get your airtime.

How to recharge 9Mobile Airtime

  1. Buy and send airtime;
  2. Buy and send data;
  3. Shop smartphones and routers.


Who has the highest subscribers in Nigeria?

February 2021

1 1 MarkAngelComedy Subscribers Subscribers 5 370 000
2 2 Channels Television Subscribers 844 000
3 3 officialpsquare Subscribers 1 320 000
4 4 Banky Wellington Subscribers 235 000
5 5 AY Comedian Subscribers 569 000

Which network has the highest subscribers in Nigeria?

MTN holds the largest share of the mobile market, accounting for 44% of total mobile subscribers, followed by Globacom, with 21%, Airtel, with 20% and Etisalat, with 15%, according to the NCC. A growing number of Nigerians access the internet via their mobile phones, which is helping to improve operator revenues.

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How many people use MTN Nigeria?


Country Subscribers (in millions) Note
Nigeria 58.197 Has the most MTN Subscribers
Rwanda 4.465 20% owned by Crystal Telecom Rwanda
South Africa 31.191
Sudan 7.792 (formerly Investcom)
Across the Sahara