How much power does Kenya import from Uganda?

Kenya’s power imports up 63.7% after Uganda offer.

Does Kenya import electricity from Uganda?

Kenya has a direct transmission line connecting it with Uganda, enabling bulk power trade. Uganda accounted for 93 per cent of the market for power from Kenya.

How much electricity does Uganda export to Kenya?

As of March this year, Uganda is reported have been exporting 51.1MW of electricity to Kenya, 14.94MW to Tanzania and 0.27MW to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Does Uganda Export Electricity to Kenya?

Uganda exports its electricity to Kenya, Tanzania and parts of eastern DR Congo. According to a Bank of Uganda report released early this month, in the period between January 2019 and January 2020, Uganda exported about 320,372 megawatts of electricity, which earned the country Shs$46m (Shs170b).

Does Kenya import power?


Kenya imported 184,000 MWh of electricity in 2016 (covering 2% of its annual consumption needs). Kenya exported 22,000 MWh of electricity in 2016.

Why does Kenya import power from Uganda?

The Ministry of Energy has in the past said Kenya resorts to importing power from Uganda due to a lack of proper infrastructure to transmit cheap power from sites like Olkaria to Western Kenya.

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Where does Uganda get its electricity?

Kenya has a direct electricity transmission line connecting with Uganda via Tororo, enabling bulk power imports. Besides Uganda, Kenya also imports power from Ethiopia to feed the neighbouring Moyale town, which is not linked to the national electricity grid.

Where do Kenya get electricity?

Electricity supply is predominantly sourced from hydro and fossil fuel (thermal) sources. This generation energy mix comprises 52.1% from hydro, 32.5% from fossil fuels, 13.2% from geothermal, 1.8% from biogas cogeneration and 0.4% from wind, respectively.

How much electricity does Uganda produce?

The actual total electricity capacity is 550 MW and the country’s peak demand is about 489 MW. According to the NDP the peak power demand is rising about 22.7% per annum. The following table shows Uganda’s most important power stations.

Energy supply.

Plant/Source Capacity (MW)
Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd 10.5

Does Uganda import electricity?

With over 1,171MW of generation capacity and only 600MW of peak demand, a report by Electricity Regulatory Authority, (ERA) indicates that Uganda, through the Electricity transmission company still imports power. …

Where does Kenya import fuel from?

Imports. In 2011, Kenya imported about 33,000 bbl (5,200 m3) per day of crude oil entirely from the United Arab Emirates, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

Does Kenya export crude oil?

In August 2019, Kenya sold its first export of 200,000 barrels of this oil at a price of US$60 per barrel. Turkana oil is extracted almost 800 kilometers away from the port of Mombasa – the closest port. Oil tankers impose minimum loading requirements for crude oil.

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Does Uganda export electricity to Tanzania?

Bulk supply tariff recovers the cost of generation and transmission. Uganda exports power to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DR Congo.

What percentage of Kenya has electricity?

Access to electricity (% of population) in Kenya was reported at 75 % in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

Is Kenya Power a private company?

Kenya Power is a public company listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). The company is a national electric utility company, managing electric metering, licensing, billing, emergency electricity service and customer relations.

Does Kenya import crude oil?

Kenya imports all its petroleum products requirements.

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