How much maize is produced in Uganda?

Acreage [ha]
Production [Metric tons]
Maize 449,859 308,798
Finger millet 13,734 78,572
Sorghum 2,678 177,088

How long does Maize take to grow in Uganda?

KWCA was specifically recommended for commercial production during the long rains in the maize growing areas. It is rather late maturing (133 days) and requires early planting.

How much is a bag of maize in Uganda?

Uganda maize (corn) flour wholesale price

The price in UGX is 2.5116. Uganda’s import price for maize (corn) flour in 2019 was US$0.75 per kilo.

What is the yield of maize?

Maize is one of the most important cereals of the world. With its world average yield of 27.8 qha maize ranks first among the cereals and is followed by rice, wheat, and millets, with average grain yield of 22.5, 16.3 and 6.6 q/ha respectively.

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What is the price of maize in Kampala markets?

Kampala Retail

Commodity Owino Kisenyi
Maize Grain 1.300 1.300
Maize Flour 1.600 1.600
Nambale Beans 2.200 2.200
Beans Rosecoco 2.300 2.200

How many bags of maize can 1 acre produce?

How many bags of maize should a farmer expect to harvest per acre after planting PAN variety of maize seed? The answer is 30 bags/acre if you use zai pits (according to an article by John Njue Njiru on…)

How much can I earn from an acre of maize in Uganda?

Most maize farmers in Uganda have made an attempt to improve their yields from 600kg/acre to 1200kg/acre and are currently content with their harvest despite the fact that they are at a low profitability.

How much is a kg of maize in Uganda?


Commodity Price Units
Kayiso Rice Ugx WS 2,650/= RT 2,800/= kg
Matooke Ugx WS 15,000/= RT 18,000/= Bunch
Maize Flour Ugx WS 1,800/= RT 2,000/= kg
Maize grain Ugx WS 1,050/= RT 1,300/= kg

How much is a kilo of maize flour in Uganda?


Commodity Price Units
Maize Flour Ugx WS 1,500/= RT 1,800/= kg
Millet Flour Ugx WS 2,200/= RT 2,500/= kg
Sorghum Flour Ugx WS 2,000/= RT 2,200/= kg
Maize grain Ugx WS 1,000/= RT 1,100/= kg

How much is a kilo of sugar in Uganda?

In 2021 the approximate price range for Uganda Sugar is between US$ 0.54 and US$ 0.65 per kilogram or between US$ 0.24 and US$ 0.29 per pound. The price in Uganda Shilling is UGX 1945.17.

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In which month does maize grow?

In kharif season, crop is sown in month of May end to June corresponding with the onset of monsoon. Spring crops are sown during late February to end of march. Plantation of baby corn can be done all the year round, except December and January. Kharif and rabi season are best for sweet corn sowing.

How is maize yield calculated?

The estimation of yield can be calculated using kernel weight at harvest, plot area harvested, plant density, and moisture content of grain at harvest. For instance, to get the full expression of maize yield potential, the plants must be at optimum density.

How much maize can you harvest per hectare?

A maize yield of 4 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) at a price of R2 250/tonne will earn a profit of 28.6% (at a production cost of R7 000/ha).

How much is a kilo of beans in Uganda?

3500-3600/kg, Large Nambale beans cost Ugx. 3200-3300/kg.

Does Uganda Export Maize?

Data from Uganda Bureau of Statistics shows that on an annual basis, Uganda produces 2.8 million metric tons of maize, and close to 90% of this is exported as grain to Kenya. Others are exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan as grain or flour.

How much maize does Kenya import from Uganda?

Kenya relies on maize from Uganda and Tanzania to meet its demand each year. According to the Ministry of Agriculture’s data, Kenya imported about 277,350 tons of maize (3.1 million 90 kg bags) in 2020. About 95 per cent of this came from Uganda and Tanzania.

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