How much is total gas in Kenya?

Item Gas Refill Only Price (Kshs) Cylinder & Gas Price (Kshs)
6KG GAS 1050 4,050
13KG GAS 2,250 6,950
22.5KG GAS 3,900 11,200
50KG GAS 8,650 19,850

How much is refilling total gas?

Total in Uganda on Twitter: “#TotalGaz pricing 6kg refill: 57,000/= New cylinder: 213,500/= 12.5kg refill: 118,000/= New cylinder: 328,000/=”

How much is a Meko gas?

Total Gas Cylinder Prices in Kenya

Accessories (Kshs
3Kg Meko Grill 270
6Kg Meko Grill 370
6Kg & 3Kg Burner 820
Low Pressure Regulator 780

How many kg are in a cylinder of gas?

Domestic cylinders will have their tare (empty) weight printed on them and gas agencies should fill it with 14.2 kg LPG. The gross weight of the cylinder should be arrived at by adding tare weight and the amount of 14.2 kg LPG.

How much does it cost to fill 12.5 kg of gas?

The average cost of refilling the 12.5kg gas cylinder increased from N4,154.28 in December 2020 to N4,177.55 in January 2021.

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How much is 3kg gas?

Price Insights for 3kg Gas Cylinder With Burner

Cheapest price for 3kg Gas Cylinder With Burner in Nigeria is ₦ 7800 sold at Jumia.

How much is a Litre of fuel in Uganda?

Uganda: The price of octane-95 gasoline is 4230 Uganda Shilling per liter.

Uganda Gasoline prices, liter, 31-May-2021.

Uganda Gasoline prices Liter Gallon
USD 1.197 4.531
EUR 0.979 3.706

How do I start a gas business in Kenya?

LPG Retail Business Startup Costs

  1. Premises rent and deposit -20,000.
  2. Single business permit – 10,000.
  3. ERC license – 3,000.
  4. Gas supply stock – 50,000.
  5. Metallic grill for storage – 20,000.
  6. Weighing scale – 2,500.
  7. Fire extinguisher – 10,000.


What is the weight of cylinder without gas?

Empty (15.3*kg) is painted on its body (as Cylinder shown in the picture.) gross weight.

Why it is difficult to lift a gas cylinder?

when lifting a girl, you already are using your arms legs and complete back muscles in completing the lift but when lifting the cylinder, you are only using your arms to bear the weight thus making it more difficult a job.

How many Litres is 1 kg of CNG?

CNG supplied by filling stations is measured in kilogrammes. 1 kg of CNG (year 2018) costs approximately 0,99 euro/kg and corresponds to about 1,5 litres of petrol.

How much does it cost to fill 6KG of gas?


Item Gas Refill Only Price (Kshs) Cylinder & Gas Price (Kshs)
6KG GAS 1050 4,050
13KG GAS 2,250 6,950
22.5KG GAS 3,900 11,200
50KG GAS 8,650 19,850
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How long does a 12.5 kg gas cylinder last?

A 12.5 kg butane cylinder will therefore last around half a year. If you only use the cylinder for barbecues, the cylinder may last for up to four years.

How can I get 5 kg gas cylinder?

You can pick up a Bharatgas Mini cylinder from a Retail Outlet (Petrol Station) by providing your proof of identity (POI). Click here to know the list of Retail outlets in the Northern Region, from which you can pick up a 5 kg cylinder.

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