How much is Itel S13 in Ghana?

Mobile Name Itel S13 Pro
Price GHS 445 (Approx)
Variant Ram: 2 GB + Rom 16 GB
Brand Itel
Category Smartphone/Tablet/Smartwatch

How much is Itel S13 price in Ghana?

itel S13 starting Price in Ghana is GHc335 which is appropriate 70USD.

What is the price of Itel S13?

itel S13 Price in Nigeria

The price of itel S13 in Nigeria is between N25,000 and N30,000 depending on your location.

What is the latest Itel phone in Ghana?

Latest itel Phones and Prices In Ghana [2021 Guide]

  • itel S16. Key Specs of the itel S16.
  • itel A56. Key Specs of the itel A56.
  • Itel S15 /S15Pro. Key Specs of the itel S15.
  • Itel P32 Dual SIM 8GB HDD. Key Specs of the itel P32.
  • Itel A33 Dual SIM – 16GB HDD – 1GB RAM. Key Specs of the itel A33.
  • Itel S13 Dual SIM 8GB HDD – 1GB RAM. Key Specs of the itel S13.
  • Itel A32F Dual SIM 8GB HDD.
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Is Itel S13 inbuilt battery?

The iTel S13 comes with a 5.5 inch display and boasts of a 1.3 GHz Quad core processor with Android 8.1, Oreo (GO Edition). It also comes with a 1 GB of RAM, an internal memory of 8 GB. It has a back/ rear camera of 5 MP + 5 MP and an 13 MP front camera with a 2400 mah Li-Po battery capacity to push all this.

How much is itels16 in Ghana?

Everyone buys a phone that is within their budget. So when a budget phone comes around offering a lot more than basic features, then it is worth considering. The TECNO Spark 7p is selling on the market now in Ghana and selling for GHS 750 for the 64GB + 4GB variant and GHS 895 for the 128GB + 4GB variant.

How much is Itel S32 in Ghana?


BRAND Model Itel S32
Price Tag 30,000- 40,000Naira

Does Itel S13 have fingerprint?

The itel S13 mobile phone comes with a fingerprint sensor scanner, which is nicely placed under the dual camera at the back of the device.

Does Itel S12 have fingerprint?

Other Specs and Features

Interestingly, the Itel S12 offers you a fingerprint sensor on its rear for added protection.

Does Itel P13 have fingerprint?

itel P13 Plus 6.0″ Android 8.1, 16GB ROM+1GB RAM, 4000mAh, Fingerprint & Face Unlock, Dual Rear Camera 8MP+8MP Gold&Black. **iTel P13** is a budget Smartphone with dual camera setup at the back.

How much is S15 touch screen in Ghana?

Official itel screen replacement price in Ghana

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itel phone model itel original screen replacement price-including repair labor (GH₵)
itel A15-touch screen 44
itel S15-screen 145
itel S15-touch screen 52
itel S32-screen 98

How much is Itel a56 in Ghana?

It features a 6.0″ FW+ IPS FullScreen (480 x 960 pixels) display. itel A56 also has a meagre 1GB of Ram and 16GB of storage which can be increased with an SD Card.

itel A56 Price in Ghana.

Store Price Contact
Mfidie Store (Nationwide Delivery) GHS 338 0546090871
Franko Phones GHS 338 Contact Shop

How can I check my Itel phone is original?

(You can get your device IMEI on your purchase box or dial *#06#. For the VC number you have to check on the battery or phone itself. It is usually below the battery compartment.) Once you input the two and submit, itel will let you know if the device is genuine or not.

How long can Itel S13 battery last?


Battery Capacity Removable Li-Ion 2400 mAh battery
Stand-by Up to 400 hours
Music Play Up to 15 hours

How much is Itel S13 price in Nigeria?

Itel S13 is undoubtedly a successor to the itel S12 device that was unveiled during the itel’s 10th year anniversary. The new S13 has a bigger screen, a better resolution, better camera and overall design compared to it’s predecessor.

Itel S13 Detailed Specs.

Price level About 28,000 naira – 30,000 naira (90 USD)

How much is Itel battery?

One of these is that you won’t have to charge your phone frequently.

Where You Can Buy Original itel Battery and How Much It Costs.

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Itel phone models Compatible itel phone models itel battery Price
1150mAh it2160, it2161, it2190, it2171, it2163, it2162, it5023, it5022, it5024, it2172, it2150, it508, it2163S, it2163D ₦800
Across the Sahara