How much is Huawei phones in Nigeria?

How much is the latest Huawei phone in Nigeria?

Huawei Phones

  • Huawei Nova 3T. ₦95,150.00. Quickview. Add to Cart.
  • Huawei Y5 Lite. ₦33,000.00. Quickview. Add to Cart.
  • Huawei Y5 2019. ₦39,600.00. Quickview. …
  • Huawei Y9 2019. ₦86,350.00. Quickview. …
  • Huawei Y7 2018. ₦81,950.00. Quickview. …
  • Huawei Y7 Prime. ₦82,280.00. Quickview. …
  • Huawei P Smart. ₦88,000.00. Quickview. …
  • Huawei P Smart. ₦85,800.00. Quickview.

How much is Huawei phone?

HUAWEI Mobile Phones Latest Price in the Philippines June 2021

Latest HUAWEI Mobile Phones Price
HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro P40,870 –
HUAWEI P40 P11,870 –
HUAWEI Y6p P2,699 –
HUAWEI Y6 Pro (2019) P3,399 –

How much is Huawei Y9 in Naira?

Huawei Y9 (2019) price in Nigeria starts at 95,000 Naira.

How much is Huawei P30 price in Nigeria?

Huawei P30 price in Nigeria starts at around 200, 000 Naira. You can buy the smartphone at leading online stores in the country.

Is Samsung better than Huawei?

Samsung has the sharper display, and bigger battery, but Huawei has much faster charging and more impressive camera capabilities. Samsung has the higher resolution screen, and it also has arguably the ultimate trump card: proper Android.

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Is iPhone 12 out in Nigeria?

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 2020 iPhones Lineup and 4 models were announced on October 13th 2020. … The iPhone 12 Lineup price in Nigeria this Month are as follows, iPhone 12 Mini starts at ₦500,000, iPhone 12 costs ₦600,000 and iPhone 12 Pro starting price is ₦670,000.

What is best phone in the world?

The best phones 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus. …
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. …
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. …
  • OnePlus 9. …
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. Best cheap phone with high-end features. …
  • Google Pixel 4A. Best Android phone under $400. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Best folding phone in 2021.

Can Huawei use Google?

While Huawei is unable to use Google-owned services and products in its phones, that doesn’t mean it can’t use Android itself. Android is an open-source operating system, which means that any person or company can use it for whatever they like without cost.

How long does a Huawei phone last?

Well from my experience using Huawei phones from Mate 7 era I can say that they have maximum life of 2 years. The most common problem they start to have are failing battery ( It will shutdown the phone once battery is less then 50% which happens in matter of minutes ) and screen getting spots in different areas.

Is Huawei Y9 waterproof?

The device is dustproof and water-resistant.

What is price of Huawei Y9?

Retail Price of Huawei Y9 2019 in Pakistan is Rs. 31,999. Retail Price of Huawei in USD is $238.

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How much is Huawei Nova 7i Nigeria?

The price of Huawei Nova 7i is NGN 122482 In Nigeria.

Mobile Key Info.

Mobile Name Huawei Nova 7i
Price NGN 122482 (Approx)
Variant Ram: 8 GB + Rom 128 GB
Brand Huawei
Category Smartphone/Tablet/Smartwatch

Which phones has the best camera?

The best camera phone in 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. If you’re looking for the best camera phone, look no further. …
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro. New photo features make the iPhone 12 Pro a force to be reckoned with. …
  • Google Pixel 5. …
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. …
  • Apple iPhone 12. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. …
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. …
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

How much is Huawei P40 Pro in Nigeria?

Huawei P40 Pro Price and Availability

The smartphone costs around 415,000 Naira in Nigeria.

How much is P40 Pro+ in Nigeria?

Huawei P40 Pro Plus Price in Nigeria & Availability

The Huawei P40 Pro Plus price in Nigeria will start at the retail price of N565,000 in Nigerian Currency at the equivalent of $1,540.

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