How much is fare from Nairobi to Uganda by bus?

There are 2 direct buses per day and 14 buses per week from Nairobi to Kampala. The trip takes around 14 hours and tickets cost from 23 USD.

How much does it cost to travel from Kenya to Uganda by bus?

The best way to get from Kenya to Uganda is to fly which takes 1h 48m and costs $170 – $250. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $14 – $40 and takes 12h 6m.

How much is from Nairobi to Kampala by bus?

The cost-effective way to get from Nairobi to Kampala is to bus, which costs $11 – $35 and takes 11h 30m.

How much is from Nairobi to Uganda?

The average price for one way flights from Nairobi to Entebbe is $149. The average price for round trip flights from Nairobi to Entebbe is $252.

How long does it take from Nairobi to Kampala by bus?

Buses from Nairobi to Kampala leaves 1-3 times a day depending on the season. The journey takes around 13 hrs. or more depending on traffic and passport control processing times. I recommend taking the night trips because buses are not air-conditioned and it can be hot during the day.

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Can I travel from Kenya to Uganda without a passport?

Kenya, as far as that is concerned, has a pretty lenient visa policy. … Since they are visa exempt, only a passport is necessary to enter the country, and there’s no need to Get a Kenyan visa. The only exceptions to this rule involve the citizens of Rwanda and Uganda. They can travel to Kenya only with their ID cards.

Can I travel from Uganda to Kenya now?

Domestic travel is restricted within Kenya due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Are there restrictions on leaving Uganda? Some lockdown measures have been lifted in Uganda, starting May 4. … Currently, we are unable to provide international travel restriction information for Kenya relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Is there a train from Kenya to Uganda?

Kenya opened a modern railway linking the port of Mombasa with the capital Nairobi in 2017 at a cost of $3.2 billion. … The Nairobi-Naivasha standard gauge rail (SGR) line, will be opened in August but does not yet extend to Uganda.

How much is a flight from Nairobi to Entebbe?

Nairobi to Entebbe Flight Info

Peak season for travel December US$175
Cheapest return ticket price US$148 Nairobi(NBO) ⇒ Entebbe(EBB)
Cheapest direct flight price US$94 Nairobi(NBO) ⇒ Entebbe(EBB)

How long does it take to fly from Nairobi to Uganda?

The total flight duration from Nairobi, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda is 1 hour, 8 minutes.

How much is flight from Nairobi to Uganda?

Good to know

Low season May Best time to beat the crowds with an average 20% drop in price.
High season June Most popular time to fly with an average 7% increase in price.
Average price round-trip $295 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)
Good deal round-trip $309 or less
Good deal one-way $182 or less
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What is a good salary in Uganda?

A person working in Uganda typically earns around 2,620,000 UGX per month. Salaries range from 663,000 UGX (lowest average) to 11,700,000 UGX (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much money should I bring to Uganda?

How much money will you need for your trip to Uganda? You should plan to spend around USh178,996 ($50) per day on your vacation in Uganda, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

Can I travel to Uganda without a passport?

To enter Uganda, a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

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