How much is a new Nissan matatu in Kenya?

How much does a brand new matatu cost in Kenya?

You can invest in a 14 seater matatu or a 33 seater matatu. A new 33 matatu will cost you roughly Ksh 3,000,000, while a new 14 seater matatu would cost you around Ksh 1,700,000. Toyota and Isuzu are the leading brands for matatus in Kenya you can consider.

How much does a Nissan matatu cost?

“A box matatu goes for about Sh2. 8 million to Sh3. 2 million and has a low insurance coverage. Besides, it will earn you about Sh7,000 per day while the 33 seaters which will cost you Sh5-5.6 million will earn you between Sh8000-9000 in a day.

Is matatu business profitable in Kenya?

For matatu owners, business can be brisk. One can make between Sh6,000 and Sh10,000 after fuelling for next day and paying the crew. This translates to up to Sh250,000 per month if you factor in days off for crew.

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How much does a 33 seater matatu make in a day?

 On average a 33 seater manyanga makes a net income of between 9,000—10,000 per day i.e. after all expenses have been deducted from the gross income including fueling & salaries.

Which is the best matatu Sacco in Kenya?

Nairobi Residents Rank Best Matatu Saccos

  • Super Metro (Nairobi-Kikuyu-Juja-Ngong)
  • Orokise Sacco (Nairobi- Bomas to Ongata Rongai)
  • River of God (ROG) (Town-Outering-Buruburu)
  • Zuri (Nairobi-Roysambu-Mirema-Kahawa)
  • MSL (Kasarani-Town)


Which is the best business to start in Kenya?

Best Business to Start in Kenya 2019.

  • Bakery stores.
  • Fruit vending.
  • Brick Making.
  • Professional cleaning services.
  • Farming.

How much does it cost to pimp a matatu in Kenya?

For a small matatu, [the total cost can be] 300,000 shillings ($3,000) or 400,000 shillings $4,000. Those big matatus cost as much as 1.5 million ($14,500) – lighting, music.

How much does a 33 seater matatu cost?

A brand new 33-seater NQR Isuzu costs between Sh4m and Sh5m inclusive of VAT. Thereafter, the vehicle is taken to Industrial Area in Nairobi where it is customised – graffiti, music, and lighting. This costs another Sh3m or thereabout.

How much is probox in Kenya?

Toyota Probox Prices below are generated in real time from listings on Topcar Marketplace. Click on each link to see the cars on sale.

Toyota Probox Price in Kenya.

Toyota Probox Price
2009 Toyota Probox Price in Kenya Ksh. 400,000

How much does a bus cost in Kenya?

Costs. Kenyan buses are pretty economical, with fares starting at around KSh150 for an hour-long journey between towns, while fares between Nairobi and Mombasa begin at KSh600 for the standard journey and can go as high as KSh2000 for premium services.

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How many matatu saccos are in Kenya?

Matatu Industry in Kenya

There are over 65,000 matatu investors with huge annual turnover.

How do I open a matatu Sacco in Kenya?

Registration Requirements for a Non Deposit Taking Sacco

  1. Formal request in writing to the commissioner for cooperative development with intent for the formation of a non-deposit taking Sacco.
  2. Proposed Names for Search and approval.
  3. Objectives of the society.
  4. The number of members in the society ( at least 10 members)

How much does it cost to buy a minibus?

A new minibus for sale has a lifespan of 15 years and up to 300,000 miles and costs around $50,000 or more. A used mini bus for sale has a lifespan of more than 5 years and up to 200,000 miles and has an average cost of around $25,000. The financial advantage is more than obvious.

What is the cost of a minibus?

Mini Bus at Rs 850000/piece | Microbus, Minicoach, 22 Seater Bus, छोटी बसें, मिनी बस – Azad Coach Builder Pvt.

How do I start a transportation business in Kenya?

How to Start A Pick-up Transport Business in Kenya

  1. Pick-up Truck. Your main requirement for this business will be a reliable pick-up truck. …
  2. Insurance. By law, you must insure your pick-up to get it on the road. …
  3. Inspection. The law requires that all commercial vehicles undergo annual inspection at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit. …
  4. Location. …
  5. Income. …
  6. Challenges.
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