How much is a caveat in Uganda?

Documents required: Caveat, Affidavit, set of Passport photographs, and General receipts of Payment. Fees paid: Stamp duty- 20,000/= and Registration fees – 10,000/=.

How much does a caveat cost?

What does it cost?

Procedure Registration fee (paid in person) Registration fee (paid by post)
Lodging a caveat – equitable charge $46.30 $51.30
Withdrawal of caveat $46.30 $51.30
Registration of statutory charges $92.70 n/a
Extinguishment of charge $92.70 n/a

How do I get a caveat in Uganda?

The Applicant must have in his/her possession: Two sets of embossed caveat documents duly witnessed by an Advocate and signed by the person who is placing the Caveat (Deponent) and dated; Statutory/ Declaration signed by the Deponent and a Commissioner for Oaths; Two Passport photographs of the person placing the …

How long does a caveat last in Uganda?

If someone lodges a caveat, it usually lapses within 60 days or may agree with the caveatee to cancel the caveat,” says Tusingwire. If the caveator is not satisfied and the caveat is about to expire, he or she can prevent lapsing by lodging an order of the Supreme Court to extend the caveat date expiry.

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How can a caveat be removed in Uganda?


  1. Attach one photograph and sign the application for removal of a caveat. …
  2. Use the declaration slip to pay at the advised bank. …
  3. Pick the embossed application for removal if caveat, present it to the cashier at the office of registrar of titles where the land is situated for assessment of Registration Fees.


How long is a caveat valid for?

As provided by the section in clause 5, the caveat stays in force for a period of 90 days. If within these 90 days an application is filed, then the court, as well as the applicant, has to give notice to the caveator.

Do caveats expire?

Once you have lodged the form, the caveat will lapse and expire after 21 days.

How do you remove a caveat?

A caveat can be withdrawn by:

  1. lodging a Withdrawal of Caveat (form 08WX) signed by the caveator or their solicitor with NSW LRS; or.
  2. an order of the Supreme Court annexed to a Request (form 11R) and lodged (by hand) with NSW LRS.

What does caveat mean?

1a : a warning enjoining one from certain acts or practices. b : an explanation to prevent a misinterpretation. 2 : a notice to a court or judicial officer to suspend a proceeding until the opposition can be heard a caveat entered in the probate court to stop the proving of the will.

How do I apply for a caveat?

The caveat Application should Contain:

  1. Index.
  2. Application To File Caveat Signed By Advocate on Record (AOR) Containing. Cause Title And Case Number. Name of The Court Appealed From. Date of Impugned Judgment. Designation of The Authority. …
  3. Court Fees (Applicable In Civil Matters)
  4. Vakalatnama And Memo of Appearance.
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Who may lodge a caveat?

2. Who may lodge a caveat? A caveat may be lodged by any party who claims an interest in the property and that party is usually a : buyer who has paid a deposit to buy a particular property; OR.

How do you remove a caveat from a title?

The person that owns the land can apply to the Registrar of the Land Titles Office to remove the caveat. This can be done by completing a simple form. The application to remove the caveat is then sent to the person who lodged the caveat.

Is a caveat?

A caveat is a warning. When someone adds a caveat to something they’re telling you to beware — maybe what they’re telling you comes with certain conditions or maybe there’s something dangerous lurking.

How do I get a land title in Uganda?

Process of Buying Land

  1. Site Visit to the Land/Property.
  2. Appoint a Lawyer to help you through whole process.
  3. Land Title Search in the Land Registry Office.
  4. Meet the Owner and Negotiate Prices.
  5. Use a Professional Surveyor to Verify the Land Size.
  6. Preparation of the Sale Agreement.
  7. Payment of land rates.
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