How much is a broiler chicken in Kenya?

How much is a broiler chick in Kenya?

The selling prices for a mature broiler chicken and a bag of chicken manure are Ksh 450 and Ksh 30, respectively. There is analysis a 2 % anticipated loss of chickens during the production period. The buying price of one-day-old chicks is Ksh 100 from major poultry farms like Kenchic.

How much does a broiler chicken cost?

Average Price Per Pound: $2.70/lb. Cost of Local, Ranged Broiler: $3.49/lb.

How much is a day old broiler chick in Kenya?

Affordable Price

We sell to you the one day old improved kienyeji chick at Ksh 100. Then for the 3 weeks we sell it at Ksh 150.

How much do I need to raise 100 broilers?

A broiler would consume an average of 4.25 kg from day old to end of the 8th week. So, 100 broilers would consume (4.25 X 100) = 425 kg or 17 bags of feed for 8 weeks.

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How long does broilers take to mature?

Your broilers should be ready to sell at 35-42 days at 1.5 kg.

How much does it cost to feed broilers?


Grower and “all flock” feed for older chickens will cost around $17.00 per 50 lbs bag and layer pellets between $15.00 and $30.00 per 50 lbs bag, depending again on brand and whether you buy organic/regular.

Is it cheaper to buy eggs or raise chickens?

If the price of a dozen eggs does go up to $6, we’re looking at $24/month. In the end, we decided that it’s more cost-effective to just buy eggs at the grocery store than to raise a flock of chickens in our backyard – even if a dozen eggs aren’t nearly as fun to play with.

How can I make my broiler chicken grow faster?

Here are five (5) ways to increase broilers weight:

  1. Sort the broilers according to their body size and weight. …
  2. Formulate and give them an excellent broiler feed. …
  3. Use broiler growth promoter or enhancer. …
  4. Avoid starving the broiler chickens. …
  5. Procure quality broiler chicks from reputable sources.

Is it cheaper to raise your own meat?

There is a cost for hay, grain, fencing, barns, vet bills and all things necessary to raise your own meat. I do think it is often cheaper to raise your own animals. This is especially true when you let your cow raise your beef and feed your chickens mostly from scraps and free-ranging.

How much is a chick in Kenya?

Prices of Chicks

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How much is a day old broiler chick in Uganda?

Currently, a one-day-old chick is goes for between Shs1,500 and Shs1,700 compared to Shs1,200 and Shs1,300 for broilers. Layers [chicks] are selling at between Shs2,500 and 2,700 up from Shs2,200 and Shs2,300.

How do I sell my broiler chickens?

10 ways to sell and market your broiler chickens fast that are proven to work

  1. Attain the expected weight in Your broiler chickens: …
  2. Locate your target market and customers before production: …
  3. Market and sell your broiler chicken via social media. …
  4. Process your broiler chicken and sell. …
  5. Take advantage of the festive season:

Do broilers need light at night?

They also recommended not having the lights-out time in the broiler house before midnight during hot weather, so that the birds will be standing up and moving around for a few hours after the sunset outside the house. This will allow body temperatures to cool down before the birds rest in darkness.

How many bags of feed do I need for 500 broilers?

Like feeders, there are big drinkers which can cost about 500-700 and the small ones between 170-200. Let’s assume we’re stocking 100 birds, for broilers, you’ll need 16-20 bags of 25kg feed to feed them from day old to table size.

How much space do you need for 1000 broiler chickens?

Broiler Management

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Age Floor space/ bird Feeder space/ bird
Up to 18 days 450 cm2 (0.5 sq.ft.) 3 cm
From 19 days to 42 days 1000 cm2 (1.1 sq.ft.) 6-7 cm
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