How much does it cost to build a hospital in Ethiopia?

ADDIS ABABA, April 20 (Xinhua) — Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday laid a cornerstone for the construction of first phase of the Medical City Center in Addis Ababa by the Ethio-American Doctors Group at a cost of 110 million U.S. dollars.

How much does building a hospital cost?

Hospital Construction Costs

Costs to build hospital
National average cost $112.5M
Average range $60M – $187.5M
Minimum cost $52.2M
Maximum cost $210M

What is the cost of healthcare in Ethiopia?

Unit costs

The median health facility unit cost for primary hospitals was 339 ETB (40 PPP $, 2012), more than double compared to health centers. IPD had the highest median unit cost (1288 ETB (151 PPP $, 2012)), while OPD was the lowest (252 ETB (29 PPP $, 2012)) among primary hospitals.

Who pays for healthcare in Ethiopia?

According to the World Health Organization, Ethiopia’s healthcare sector is financed by multiple sources including loans and donations from all over the world (46.8%), the Ethiopian Government (16.5%), out-of-pocket payments (35.8%), and others (0.9%).

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How much does surgery cost in Ethiopia?

A patient undergoing surgery in Ethiopia would face, on average, 1,125 Ethiopian birr (Br; I$204) in direct medical costs, as well as Br 1,633 to Br 3,358 (I$297 to I$611) in direct nonmedical costs (Kifle and Nigatu 2010; UN 2014).

Who is the highest paid hospital CEO?

Here are the 18 healthcare CEOs that made the highest paid list, in order of total compensation in 2020.

  • Michael Neidorff (Centene) — $24.96 million.
  • Alex Gorsky (Johnson & Johnson) — $23.14 million.
  • Richard A. …
  • David M. …
  • Albert Bourla (Pfizer) — $19.67 million.
  • Giovanni Caforio (Bristol-Myers Squibb) — $19.56 million.


How much profit does a hospital make?

Even though hospitals in the U.S. are paid an average of less than 30% of what they bill, their profits margins have averaged around 8% in recent years.

Is healthcare expensive in Ethiopia?

Total government health spending in Ethiopia was approximately 4.13 billion ETB or per capita spending of 52 ETB as of 2010/11, according to Ethiopia’s 5th National Health Accounts (FMOH, 2014).

Is healthcare free in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia technically has free healthcare for all, which is provided by government-run hospitals. … Private hospitals exist but as an option affordable to very few Ethiopians.

Do you have to pay for healthcare in Ethiopia?

Technically, the Ethiopian government provides free healthcare to its citizens. A few government hospitals are overcrowded. Even the existing ones lack adequate equipment and efficient human resources. The number of hospitals in the capital Addis Ababa is higher compared to those in other parts of the country.

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Does Ethiopia have healthcare?

Ethiopia’s health care system includes primary health centres, clinics, and hospitals. Only major cities have hospitals with full-time physicians, and most of the hospitals are in Addis Ababa. Access to modern health care is very limited, and in many rural areas it is virtually nonexistent.

Does Ethiopia have universal healthcare?

Introduction Aiming for universal health coverage (UHC) as a country-level goal requires that progress is measured and tracked over time. However, few national and subnational studies monitor UHC in low-income countries and there is none for Ethiopia.

What is health insurance in Ethiopia?

That scheme is community-based health insurance or CBHI. … CBHI is health insurance that pools members’ premium payments into a collective fund, which is managed by the members, and covers basic health care costs at local health centers when a member is sick.

How many hospitals are in Addis Ababa?

The Addis Ababa city health administration is divided in to 10 administrative zones and has the facility of 5 public and 25 private hospitals.

How many surgeons are there in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia continues to have a marked shortage of general surgeons, with only 248 general surgeons, compared to the predicted need for 820. Further, this shortage is most pronounced in rural regions, which have an average of only one surgeon per million inhabitants or less (Table 3) [15].

Is there plastic surgery in Ethiopia?

Thanks to minimally invasive plastic surgery, performed by top surgeons in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, you will no longer have to hide your body under loose clothes or makeup. … Addis Ababa, Ethiopia offers many plastic surgery clinics and renowned cosmetic surgery specialists trained in famous universities and hospitals.

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